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Lesson 13 (Quiz)

Class Quiz!!!!
Read the following instructions and answer them carefully.
#1 PP June 2011 P2 Q1
#2 PP Jan 2012 P2 Q2
#3 PP Jan 2012 P2 Q2
#4 PP June 2012 P2 Q3
#5 Leanna threw her ball vertically upwards with a force of 15 N. At the same
time, an eastern wind of force 2 N blew the ball. What is the resultant force
acted on the ball, and which direction did the ball travel in?
#6 Vector a has a magnitude of 13.5 N at an angle of 42.0˚ as shown below.
What is the:
Vertical component of Vector a?
Horizontal component of Vector a?