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CHapter 1 Introduction into Regional Geography

Tyler Wagner
Dr. Whynot
Regional Geography 130
February 16, 2021
Chapter 1: Introduction into Regional Geography
Regional Geography is the spatial study of the earths surface. Geographers study the
Earths characteristics, its inhabitants and cultures, phenomena such as climate, and the Earths
place within the universe. Pretty much as a big map that has all locations of continents,
countries, oceans, lakes, and etc. It’s a great big traditional GPS (well some maps are) showing
us the exact place where everything is located for traveling, but not all maps are very accurate.
Geography is for the map minded people who like to explore what’s all central points
around the world and write about it, map it and publish it to the general population to see what
they discovered. Sometimes it can be break through for the geographer if the map is accurate. It’s
like a table of contents showing where most stuff in the world is at and what place it resides in
according to the map.