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Personal Statement

To put it quite simply, the sky is not the limit. Aerospace engineering allows you to explore the
world beyond your imagination. The aim to become one of the leading engineers and provide
innovative creations to the world is motivating enough for me to pursue this course. I always
found myself trying to construct new things or patch up old ones. From year 3 when I made an
aircraft with a working propeller for a project, to my later years in school in a team project,
where we assembled a robot that was programmed to move.
The unique working process of each and every machine intrigues me, and I really want to
further understand the science behind aircrafts and spacecraft. Physics always had a certain
element of surprise in it, the way I learned that if you travelled at the speed of light - time
would stop. These theories and the scientific revolutions the field of physics has given us in the
past has throttled my curiosity about aerospace.
My keenness on studying aerospace engineering in particular, stems from my love for
mathematics and physics. In mathematics, using the concepts and formulas to get to one final
answer immersed with the theories and intricacy of aerodynamics in physics is truly exquisite.
My mathematical and physical problem solving skills are superior and higher education will help
enhance and sharpen these skills. This course will not only allow me to learn how scientific
theories are applied to design but also give me the opportunity to follow one of my legitimate
interests. Although other branches of engineering are incredible in their own right, the ability
for a machine to achieve flight and manoeuvre its own path is unconditionally elegant.
Reading books, journals and news editions help me stay up to date with all the world’s latest
innovative technology. I have read the April issue of the journal, Research in Engineering Design
and loved the in depth knowledge shared by pioneers of the engineering field. Other books
have taught me how, to an engineer, any design can be made better and this is the main idea of
engineering that appeals to my intrepid side. Furthermore, the aerospace industry is steps away
from making one of the greatest breakthroughs our planet has ever seen and I want to be at
the forefront when technology is revolutionised in this ever flourishing field.
I’ve spent almost all my life in the United Arab Emirates, but I have travelled to China to
participate in the World Scholars Cup Global Round where my team and I also qualified for the
Tournament of Champions which was set to be held in the University of Yale. Participating in
MUN’s is also a highly entertaining challenge. Chairing in the Press Corps in the last two editions
has enabled a pathway for me to improve my understanding of the political and economic
issues around the world. I have also learned that I can adapt to a new environment rather
quickly and thoroughly enjoy meeting new people.
Cricket is an integral part of my life. I’ve been playing the sport since I was 11 and every aspect
of it is entertaining. I hope to continue playing the game wherever I am as its taught me to
overcome pressure. In engineering, teamwork and leadership skills are required to be able to
work as a team and being able to captain my club’s team has enriched these qualities in me.
The complexity of the inner workings of systems that are sent into orbit have to be put together
so accurately and I’m looking forward to learning each and everything I can. I believe that I have
the required level of skill and academic ability to pursue a career in this field.