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Meiosis CkOut Formative

Exit Ticket ---
Biology B
Name __________________ Hour ____
Answer the following questions as completely as you can.
1. Give and explain two (2) reasons for Meiosis?
2. What stage are both cells to the right in? _______________
3. Which cell (A or B) is undergoing meiosis? _______________
4. Explain why you chose the answer you did in #2.
5. Do all cells undergo meiosis? Explain your answer.
6. Look at the two X’s to the right and name each letter
a. _____________ b.______________c._____________d.______________
7. If an organism’s Diploid # is 26, what is its Haploid #? ________
8. Show crossing-over below. When in meiosis does this happen? __________________
9. State if the cell is haploid or diploid
Sperm cell _____ Nerve cell _____Egg cell______Germ cell = ______Broccoli cell = ______
10. Match the following stages of meiosis with their description:
a) prophase I
c) anaphase I e) prophase II g) anaphase II
b) metaphase I
d) telophase I f) metaphase II h) telophase II
___ homologous chromosomes line up at the equator (middle) of the cell.
___ both daughter cells divide, forming haploid cells.
___ sister chromatids separate and move to either side of the cell
___ sister chromatids line up at the equator (middle) of the cell
___ the cell divides into two daughter cells
___ chromosomes have duplicated forming homologous pairs.
___ homologous chromosomes are pulled apart; one chromosomes goes to either side
___ each cell has one of the homologous chromosomes (chromosomes NOT duplicate)