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Anticipation Guide-RJ

Romeo and Juliet Anticipation Guide
DIRECTIONS: Please number your paper 1-10 (skipping 3 lines between each).
State whether you agree “A” or disagree “D” to the statements. Then, write brief
explanations justifying your opinions.
*There are no right or wrong answers´üŐ.
1. One of the most important things in life is one’s honor and one’s family’s
2. True love can conquer all.
3. Parents should have a say in who their children marry.
4. Teenagers cannot experience true love. They are just infatuated.
5. The ends justify the means (meaning it is OK to do something wrong if it
results in something good—kill 100 people to save 1000 people for
6. There is such a thing as “love at first sight.”
7. Our lives are governed by fate, & it is impossible to escape our destiny.
8. Suicide is an honorable way to die.
9. If someone wrongs you, it’s OK to exact revenge. An eye for an eye.
10. If you have a broken heart, the best way to heal it is to scope out other
attractive people. Don’t hasten into another relationship. Play the field.