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buisness correspondence

San Antonio de Padua College
Pila, Laguna
Second Semester, AY 2011-2012
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I. Identify the following statements relevant to SHAPE in business letters. Choose from the pool of words
below. Write your answer on the space provided.
Simplified letter style
Full-blocked style
Carbon copy notation
Dear Sir or Madam
single spacing
Yours sincerely,
Very truly yours,
Respectfully yours,
reference initials
complimentary close
subject line
attention line
inside address
This directs your letter to the recipient which contains the courtesy title of
the addressee, the addressee’s full name, the professional title of the
addressee, the name of the organization and the mailing address.
This part of the letter becomes useful for faster handling of the letter when
it is addressed to a company rather than a specific person.
This part of the body of the letter which tells the reader what the letter is all
This is the “ so long and goodbye” part of the letter.
This is used mainly for administrative purposes which include the letter
writer’s name and that of the typist indicated below the signature.
This is a formal and commonly used complimentary close.
This is the complimentary close used, popular among US writers, if the
writer knows the recipients name.
This spacing is normally used between lines because it is more economical
and more attractive.
When single spacing is used, _______ spaces are left between paragraphs.
The majority of the letters written use this paper size.
This salutation is very formal, cold, impersonal and it is used if one doesn’t
know whom he is writing to.
This salutation is used for women unless asked to use otherwise.
This appears when the writer wants the reader to know that a copy or
copies of the letter will be sent to the other persons.
Since it is the easiest and fastest to type, this letter style is the most popular
style used in government and business correspondence.
This letter style encourages directness on the part of the letter.
II. Correct the errors in the following parts of the business letter. 3 points each.
1. Faithfully very yours
2. 10-16-07
3. dear mr dimaandal
4. your’s respectfully
5. Dec. 25, 1981
6. attention jaime fortuna
7. college of Engineering and industrial Technology college Secretary
8. subject wearing of Uniform
9. engr. dizon
10. dare prof Dwight david climacosa
III. The following are inside addresses and salutations. Arrange them properly. Provide each
entry the appropriate salutation. 5 points each.
1. Robina Mills Incorporated, Baguio City, 24 Session Street, Ms. rowena q. Biglang-awa
2. Andrew f. Gonzales (Doctor of Philosophy), Manila, 426 Taft avenue, De la salle
3. Quezon city, Zamora Flower Company, Mrs. Veronica T. diaz, 111 azucena Street,
4. 711 Lagro street, credit Manager, The Kamagong Company, Mr. David pomeranz
5. Ongchangco and Sons hardware store, manila, Romano Street 7655, Conrado A.
Concepcion president