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[Writer’s Name] or [Company Letterhead]
[Street Address]
[State] [Postcode]
The Presiding Magistrate / Judge
Magistrates Court
Your Honour,
Re: [Defendant Name]
1. State your name, age, occupation and address.
2. State that you have been asked to provide a character reference to the
court on behalf of the defendant.
3. State that you understand the nature and circumstances of the offences
with which the defendant is charge (describe what you understand the
charge or charges to be).
4. State that you understand the defendant is pleading guilty to the charge or
charges (if applicable).
5. State the nature of your relationship with the defendant and how long you
have known them for, if it isn’t obvious.
6. State any relevant characteristics, qualities or circumstances you think are
relevant for the court to understand about the defendant.
7. State your contact details and if you are willing to attend court to confirm
the truth of your character reference if required.
Yours faithfully,
[Your Name]