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Catbagan, Geomhai B.
Are you in favor of divorce in Philippines why or why not?
Marriage is a scared thing it unites people to live as husband and a wife. As we all know
Philippines is a catholic country most of the population are roman catholic. The roman catholic
church doesn’t recognize divorce because it is adultery, which is forbidden in the Ten
Commandments. Since I mentioned divorce, Divorce has become one of the major issues in our
society for the past years. For me I think the divorce law needs to be legalized in the Philippines
now because what we only have here is annulment which is a long process and it needs to
approved the petition. People who file divorce have their own reasons and we should respect it.
Some of the reasons are because of the domestic violence, lack of commitment, substance
abuse, infidelity, irreconcilable differences, financial issues and etc. I know that there’s no
perfect marriage but we shouldn’t experience that kind of treatment where their relationship is
toxic and ruining their lives especially the child because it affects physically and emotionally. If a
person is stuck in a worse or abusive marriage, then he/she should have the right to escape it
because sometimes it is the only solution and I think it would be the best for the both of them
and for the child will be able to adapt and accept it when both parents just clarify and talk to
them why they need to divorce. Leaving a bad and unhealthy relationship is hard but it's worth it
in the end