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chemistry 12.1 12.2

Interpret the equation for the formation of water from its elements in terms of numbers of
molecules and moles, and volumes of gases at STP
2K + 2H2O → 2KOH + H2
Write at least 6 mole ratios that can be derived from the above equation
If there are 10 atoms of potassium how many molecules of H2O, KOH, and H2 would there be?
How many moles of water are required to react completely with 14.8 mol of potassium
How many moles of KOH are formed when 0.78 moles of water react with potassium?
CaC2 + 2H2O → C2H2 + Ca(OH)2
How many grams of C2H2 are produced by adding water to 5.00 g CaC2
How many moles of CaC2 are needed to react completely with 49.0g H2O