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Dihybrid Cross Questions (1)

DiHybrid Cross 1
R= Round Seeds G= Green Seeds
r = wrinkled Seeds g= Yellow Seeds
Both parent Are ​Heterozygous​ for BOTH traits
DiHybrid Cross 2
A=Long hair
B=Curly hair
a =short hair
b=Straight hair
One parent is ​Heterozygous​ for BOTH traits, the other is
Homozygous Recessive​ for BOTH traits.
What is the ratio of the PHENOTYPES of the offspring? 2:1
3. A heterozygous tall, horned giraffe has a mate that is short, with no horns. Height
shows incomplete dominance. Show the possible genotypes and # of their offspring.
4. What % of their offspring would you predict to be Tall, with no horns?___​50%​___
5. What is the chance of these parents producing short, hornless baby giraffes?__​25%​__
6. A Ram heterozygous for Black Wool ​and​ curly horns is crossed with a Ewe that has white
wool and straight horns. What is the chance of them producing lambs with black wool ​and
straight horns? ​50% chance that their offspring will have black wool and straight horns.