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Energy Pre-Quiz

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Quiz Chapter 16 – Global Climate Change
1. What is more than half of the electricity used in the United States generated?
a) Combustion of fossil fuels
b) Hydropower
c) Solar power
d) Nuclear fission
2. Which of the following statements describes energy consumption trends today?
a) Developed nations are using less energy per person
b) Under-developed nations are using more energy per person
c) Developed nations are using more energy than under-developed nations
d) Under-developed nations are using more energy than developed nations
3. Which is an example of a direct use of fossil fuels?
a) A gas stove
b) A nuclear power plant
c) A wind generator
d) A wood-burning stove
4. What is the greatest limitation for geothermal energy use?
a) Geothermal energy can only be used at active volcanic sites, like Hawaii
b) Geothermal energy is expensive to maintain and produce
Geothermal energy is geographically limited to areas that heated groundwater can be accessed easily.
d) Geothermal energy generates excessive localized pollution
5. What is the main disadvantage of nuclear power?
a) Nuclear power pollutes the air
b) Nuclear power pollutes water
c) Nuclear power produces too little electricity
d) Nuclear power generates radioactive waste
6. What types of resources are you using when you burn wood in a fireplace to provide heat?
a) Geothermal
b) Biomass
c) Fossil fuels
d) Nuclear waste
7. If fossil fuels are still forming today, why are they considered nonrenewable resources?
a) We are depleting fossils fuels much faster than they form
b) Fossil fuels are broken down by natural processes faster than they form
c) The fossil fuels being formed today are deep under the ocean and cannot be reached
d) The only fossil fuels are methane gases and cannot be used
8. Where do coal, oil and natural gas come from?
a) The melting of polar ice packs
b) The residue of volcanic eruptions
c) The remains of ancient organisms
d) The bottom of swamps
9. What is the main limitation of using renewable energy sources?
a) Geographical location and high cost
b) They are cleaner than non-renewable
c) They create high paying jobs everywhere
d) They have higher environmental impacts
10. What is the negative effect of developing an oil field on wildlife habitats?
a) An increase the number of animals in the habitats
b) The pollution of air and streams
c) An increase the variety of plants
d) An increase road development
11. What is the main advantage of using hydrogen, solar and wind to generate power?
a) They use a large amount of light
b) They have no environmental impacts
c) They do not produce greenhouse gases
d) They are affordable for everyone to install
12. Which of the following is not considered renewable?
e) Nuclear energy
f) Solar energy
g) Wind energy
h) Geothermal energy