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Fahrenheit 451 - Key Quotes from Parts 1 & 2

Fahrenheit 451: Key Quotes from Parts 1 & 2
For the 12 quotes below, identify and explain
a.) the speaker of the quote
b.) to whom the person is speaking
c.) the significance (importance) of the quote
1. "Are you happy?" p. 7
2. "Why? You have a guilty conscience about something?" p. 25
3. "Millie.... When did we meet? And where?" p. 40
4. "How do you get so empty?" p. 41
5. "What do we want in this country above all? (Plus the other 6 questions in the paragraph.) p. 56
6. "Why should they be afraid of someone like her?" p. 64
7. "Why should I read? What for?" p. 69
8. "Where do we go from here?" p. 70
9. "Does your 'family' love you? p. 73
10. "Well --- suppose you tell me why you came here?" p. 78
11. "Go home and think about how it all happened and what did you ever do to stop it?" p. 98
12. "Something the matter, Montag?" p. 106