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Recruitment transformation video
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Hello, meet Ruchi.
She is a young Technology professional and has just sent in her job
application through Accenture’s careers portal –
As she waits for the response, let’s take a peek at what exactly
happens at the back-end as soon as she hits the ‘submit’ button!
To begin with, Ruchi’s resume is analyzed by tools that leverage
Artificial intelligence, to find her a role that best fits her skills and
offers the highest probability of future success. This is not necessarily
the one she applied for.
Step 2: Ruchi’s probable position list reaches an Accenture recruiter,
better known as the Talent Coach who connects with her for an HR
discussion and interest check.
Once Ruchi passes the HR round, she is sent an email that has two
The first link is to a ‘mobile document upload tool’ asking her to
upload all necessary documents through her mobile by taking quick
photographs of her documents.
The 2nd link is to the ‘Interview self-scheduling tool’. This gives Ruchi
the option to select the date and time most convenient for her to
attend the next round of interviews. She receives a confirmation mail
and a text message with the time and venue details.
The best part is, she can schedule or cancel her interview at any point,
no questions asked!
Now cut to D-Day! Ruchi is all set to crack the interview process!
Once she walks in to the Accenture facility, she gets a desktop to
complete an online assessment test. Once completed, her score goes
straight to the interviewer who then conducts the skill set interview
either face to face, over a call or a video chat.
Ruchi of course passes with flying colors and is then invited for a final
discussion on compensation, scheduled the same day.
To her delight and surprise, Ruchi receives an instant ‘Letter of Intent’
or LOI from her talent coach
She goes home happy and waits for the offer letter which duly arrives
in the next 3 days mentioning the date of joining.
As Ruchi embarks on a successful career at Accenture, she makes it a
point to thank her Talent Coach who has been her single point of
contact through her recruitment life cycle. The process could not have
been easier!
Like Ruchi, there are thousands of other candidates in Technology who
are getting benefitted from the transformation in recruitment
With best-in-class tools and processes in place, Accenture has been
able to reduce the time taken to roll out offer letters to under 30 days,
and in some cases, just 10 days! This applies to all candidates with 210 years of experience applying to our open positions in Technology
across all our locations in India!
Don’t wait! Browse through the Accenture careers portal to apply for a
Technology position of your choice OR get referred by a friend who is
employed with us. And we will do the rest!
Step into the future. Let your Accenture career begin!