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Unpredictable moment

Unpredictable Moment
Who ever thinks about this pandemic? I believe that no one imagines this
evidence. Nowadays, the world is disorganized by the smallest thing namely
Corona Virus. It was found by the end of last year in Wuhan, China. Some
sources said that it is from the traditional animal market in Wuhan. Also, it is
from the cave bat. This is contagious from animal to human then human to
human. In other hand, not all countries believe that statement. Some of people
assume that it was from the leakage of laboratory. Besides, all arguments
cannot be proved since the researchers still do the research.
Nonetheless, it is better that we do not judge to one country or others. As
the smartest beings in the universe, all the people should be introspection by
themselves. In the past, I was very busy to do my activities. I worked all the
days. Then I seldom went back to my hometown. Sometimes I was back to visit
my parents once in a month. Someday I got the gift from the company that I
worked there. The appreciation was given by the leader. Not only I but also
some of friends got it. Some of us would travel to Lombok about a week in the
end of March. It made me to be arrogance. I forgot to be grateful to God. In the
end, before I spent my time there, Corona Virus existed in Indonesia.
Corona Virus is disable the economy, for the societies should stay at
home. They cannot work in outside as usual. This solution is able to reduce
spreading the virus. Someone who works at office may do it at home. It is
different for me because I do not work at office. I am a teacher who works in
informal school. It means I should stop my activities, and I have to go back to
Lamongan. Right now I do not have any work. I just help my parents. My
parents are famers, so they cannot stay at home. When the farmers do not work
at the field, they will not earn money. Who will give them eating is a big
problem. So, all the farmers still work at the field. The point is the farmers are
not gathering in one place.
Another solution, the government suggests that the societies apply social
distancing. Wherever we are, we should apply it. Then, we are not allowed to
forget wearing masker. It is important that we want to go outside. It will restrain
virus sniff to red lane.
Moreover, many activities are canceled such as wedding, party, gathering,
meeting, etc. The government forbade someone who invited many people to
gather. Besides, the cabinet minister has decided to close the school. Teachers
and students can do learning activities by social networking. It can be
appropriate for some students not for all students. Some students or the parents
who live in the remote place are going to get difficulty since they do not have
phone. Even they have phone, it is difficult to reach the signal. That is a big
problem in education. Then the government changes the way. The lesson will
be displayed by TVRI. It is for Elementary School, Junior High School, and
Senior High School.
Furthermore, during this pandemic, I try to be closer the God. The people
need to do introspection for getting philosophy. Staying at home makes me
aware the health and the cleanliness. When I have arrived to my home, I
directly wash my hand with soap. I always wear masker during in the road.
While I am taking a bath, I am soaking my clothes which I wear at that time.
Actually it is not very hard to make it become a good habit. In the past, I did not
aware about the cleanliness, yet it is very important to reduce the illness as
Covid-19. Also, I realize that the health is expensive now. That makes me
changing my mind. I suggest that my parents wash hand before eating.
In addition, I have a lot of time to spend my time with my family just now.
Before this pandemic happens, I stay in Kediri almost 7 years. And I visit my
parents once in a month. Every month I go back to the village. Then I can cure
my parents every single day. I stay at home around three months. Exactly I do
not have any activities, yet I try to improve my skill. I learn how to cook
something on YouTube channel. It is very fun, for I seldom do it when I work.
Last time, I spent my leisure to hang out with my friends. I always did it
when I felt upset. I went to Malang, and I gathered in café or restaurant.
Because this activity, I was extravagant person. In other hand, I become thrifty
person since I cannot go somewhere.
Hereafter, the people who do not go everywhere make the air to be fresh.
The pollution is downward. There is rare in India. The Himalaya Mountain was
unseen many years ago. Then, all the people can see the beautiful view from
that mountain. Many years ago the mountain was closed by the pollution. In
Indonesia especially Jakarta, the air in the morning is really fresh. Some
citizens take the photos. They differ the old photo before pandemic with the new
photo after pandemic. It is totally different.
Another country already mentions that the wild animal comes to the city or
village. They may be from the jungle. Some of them enjoy their times because
no one chases away them. Also, the Keukenhof Gardens in Dutch is closed
now. Every year that place is very crowded. There are many visitors from
Indonesia, America, England, Swiss, etc. Now the visitors cannot come there.
The manager of Keukenhof Gardens announces that the visitors are able to
enjoy the view by virtual. That is so fantastic.
Well, that is about the philosophy that I get from this pandemic. I am able
to be a grateful person. I really appreciate the time. Even I do not know when I
can continue our plan.