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Final Exam (Take-Home) Summer - 2020
Student Name: Muhammad Asif Muneer
Reg. ID: 021-19-46752
Program: MBA
Instructor: Dr. Faheem Bukhari
Subject: Advertising and Brand Management
Max. Marks: 30
Department of Business Administration
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Question 1
Develop the Brand association map of IQRA University as, what comes in your mind when you
hear about IQRA University, please draw a map? Keeping in view the Brand Identity Prism
model, please develop the brand identity model of Shan Foods [Marks 6] Word count limit 300
Answer: Iqra University Brand Association Map.
Flexible timings of
Number one
g teaching
Iqra University
Education of
best quality
A reliable and
trusted in name
in job market.
Answer: Brand identity prism of Shan foods.
Red logo with yellow writing makes it different
Prime quality of products with inovation
Delighted and delicious food for sharing with family and friends in every occasion of joy and
Sub-continental culture
Traditional and premium
Quality, premium and traditional.
Question 2
Pick any of your favorite brand and how you will answer each step mentioned in the below
CBBE model proposed by Keller. [Marks 6] Word count limit 300
CBBE Model of Lays.
Identity (what are you?)
A market leader in snacks industry.
Meaning (what are you).
Comes with different flavors makes every moment, every celebration tasty enough to enjoy.
Response (what about you?).
Taste makes lays the leader of snacks industry, customer has blind trust on lays snacks, people
prefer to buy this snacks when they feel little hungry.
Relationships (what about you and me?)
Lays has strong relationship with customers because they have strong repetitive buying behavior.
Question 3
Do you believe that ad creativity is the only aspect that helps the brands to be effective? Do you
agree or disagree with this statement? Please narrate your answer with an example. [Marks 6]
Word count limit 300
Answer: I do not agree with the statement that creative ads are only responsible for the brand
effectiveness. There are several other things that equally responsible for brand effectiveness.
What makes brand effective? Brands must have to know their target audience, when the brand is
being built it is very much important to know who we are trying to reach. Brands must get very
specific, it should work out interests, lifestyle and motivation of its prospects audience.
Consistency is also one of the factor which is crucial to the effectiveness of brands building, if
one company is not consistent it is quite hard for them to build a brand. In addition innovation
and impressive logo, along with best services are the factors which help brands to be effective.
Question 4
The component of IMC (Integrated marketing communication) is vital and companies are trying
their best to have an effective integrated approach but, in many cases, not been able to achieve
the communication objectives. What could be the reasons, please discuss. [Marks 6] Word
count limit 300
It normally happens when the target audience perceive or interpret the message wrongly, or
when the target audience is totally missed out by the marketers. Sometimes it happens when the
medium chosen to communicate is not right, or the target audience is much fragmented than it
happens to that objectives of communication is totally missed.
Question 5
Tapal marketing head has assigned you a task to develop a creative brief for their upcoming new
flavored tea. As a brand manager, you need to gather the information by looking at the new
variant “FLAVORED TEA” and develop the brief as per your assumptions. [Marks 6] Word
count limit 300
Brand name
A leading tea brand in Pakistan, targeting females of 18-45 age.
Brand awareness, leading to purchase intention
Choice of every family, tapal with a new flavor to add more fun to
Target market
New variant
Brand voice
Key insight
18-45 females
Flavors, like strawberry, chocolate, vanilla etc.
Zaiqa rango ka
Key market is tea loving people of Pakistan.
8 weeks
TVC, Radio, Print media, Social Media