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The lack of management and efficient techniques to prevent the leakage of hazardous chemicals
from industries has led to introduce more coherent methods to dismantle this issue. As industries
flourish across the globe, managing them becomes a menace for people. Leakage of hazardous
chemicals can become a major source of affecting human lives abruptly. The Corona Virus has
been a pure example of an industrial leakage that took place in Wuhan, which is an industrial based
city. However, it was very unfortunate that this chemical leakage entered the food market near the
industries in Wuhan which formed the deadly Corona Virus. In this project we use few modules,
Arduino and sensors, which are programmed in a manner that will allow us to manually control
and automatically monitor the internal factors and conditions of an industry. Arduino has been
used in the past with a Bluetooth device on a small-scale, such as a security system which enables
the user to manually control electrical appliances through commands, but this is can be the first
time we would apply this modification on a large-scale platform without using Bluetooth. Using
Bluetooth created a specific range for Arduino to work, however, in this modification we have
introduced a GSM module and a light harvesting material instead of a Bluetooth module which
allows us to control factors by sitting anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, we have not yet
considered this idea for we believe that we have more systematic and methodical ways of
maintaining industries, which of course is not true. Light harvesting is the study of materials and
molecules that capture photons of solar light. This includes studies to better understand the lightharvesting properties of photosynthetic organisms or those of artificial systems that are designed
and synthesized to promote photochemical reactions or produce solar fuels. The idea aims to
prevent any unnecessary damage that could be done due to lack of productivity and efficiency.
The components are inexpensive and the process is very simple. This system is fully automated.
So once this system is installed inside an industry or an any other platform,, then it does not require
any human interaction to operate.