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Mohamed Mohamed 11-c
13th of September 2020
Summary: Is English the official language
of music?
In the article ,,Is English the official language of music” published in the 16th of October, 2015 Lewis
G. explains how English is influencing music all over the world and especially in Europe.
The author states that The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most important music
Entertainments in Europe, where musicians are able to represent their unique culture and nation.
According to the author, nowadays, people in Europe tend to listen and sing more to English –
language music in their daily life. Lewis G. supports this view by pointing out that more than one
billion people all over the world speak English. In addition, he mentions that Ragnar Thorhallsson
thinks writing music in English is better than many other languages.
Based on these conclusions, the author argues that music isn’t the main thing in our lives and it
wouldn’t influence the world into making English the main language spoken all over the globe.