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Planning a Health Promotion Intervention

Planning a Health
Promotion Intervention
Project Lesson
Lesson Objectives
To create a Health Promotion intervention plan by following steps:
1.Needs assessment
2.Target setting
Step 1-Needs assessment (3 Marks)
1.Identify one area of health that you would like to improve (1 mark) and explain
why this area should be improved (1 mark)
2. Explain how you will collect information about this area of health (1 mark)
Step 2 -Target setting (4 Marks)
a. Describe the overall aim (long-term aim) of the campaign (1 mark)
b. Identify the target audience (1 mark)
c. Describe which changes in health behaviour you expect to see (1 mark)
d. Identify how long the campaign will last (1 mark)
Step 3-Plan of the campaign (8 Marks)
a. Create a title of the campaign (1 mark)
b. Describe the short-term aims of the campaign; include targets or goals that
need to be reached in order to achieve the overall aim of the campaign (1 mark)
c. Which pillar(s) of health promotion will be used? (1 mark)
d. Identify training that is required, or any skills that must be learned to help
achieve the aims of the campaign (1 mark)
e. Create a schedule for the campaign (1 mark)
f. Describe two resources which are needed for the campaign (2 marks)
g. Explain how you will measure the results of the campaign (1 mark)
Creating an advertisement (5 Marks)
Develop an advertisement or poster that will be used
to promote the health campaign,
including the following points
a. Title of campaign (1 mark)
b. Area of health that is targeted (1 mark)
c. Aims of campaign (1 mark)
d. Who the target audience is (1 mark)
e. Appropriate image (1 mark)