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Gerund Infinitive Exercise

Name: _______________
Grade: 10
1. Put the verb into either the gerund (-ing) or the infinitive (with 'to'): (10 Marks)
1) I don't fancy __________ (go) out tonight.
2) She avoided (tell) him about her plans.
3) I would like ___________ (come) to the party with you.
4) He enjoys _________ (have) a bath in the evening.
5) She kept __________ (talk) during the film
6) I am learning _________ (speak) English.
7) Do you mind __________ (give) me a hand?
8) She helped me _________ (carry) my suitcases.
9) I've finished ___________ (cook) – come and eat!
10) He decided ____________ (study) biology.
2. State whether the verbs in the following sentences are transitive or intransitive. (10
1. She advised me to consult a doctor.
2. Let’s invite your cousins as well.
3. I waited for an hour.
4. I received your letter in the morning.
5. I am going to send her some flowers.
6. He has changed a lot since he got married.
7. Suddenly the child woke up.
8. The loud noise woke me.
9. Let’s discuss your plans.
10. I heard a lovely song in the morning.
3. Use any five of the verbs identified above in sentences. (5 Marks)