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Vocabulary Choice Board
Directions: READ CAREFULLY. Choose 3 activities to complete below using the assigned
vocabulary terms. The 3 choices must be in a row. Color the boxes of the activities you chose.
In Your Own Words
Define 10 vocabulary terms
in your own words.
Common Grounds
Choose 2 vocabulary words
to compare. Tell what is
different about them and list
at least 3 things they have in
Illustrated Words
Draw an illustration for each
assigned term. (All must be
Word Wall
Choose 1 term, define,
illustrate and write a sentence
using the term. List
synonyms too!
Flash Cards
Create flash cards for all
vocabulary terms with term,
definition, and illustration.
Real World
Create a list of 12 facts or tips
that are beneficial in the real
world using chosen
Comic Strip
Choose a term and create a
comic strip that demonstrates
or relates to the term.
Summarizing Words
Write a paragraph (7 or more
sentences) on a topic related
to information covered within
the chapter. Include at least 5
vocabulary words in your
Mind Map
Create a mind map with the
vocabulary word in the
middle. Add at least 7
bubbles around the word with
key words and/or examples
that are associated with the
vocabulary word. (Complete
for 3 different words)
GRADING CRITERIA: Completed activities will be graded on neatness, completeness,
grammar and spelling. All illustrations should include color.
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