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Quiz 03, Software Engineering
Eduardo Rodriguez Tello, PhD
Instructions: Answer the following questions using short answers (less than 1 paragraph,
often 1 sentence).
1. Identify and briefly describe four types of requirements that may be defined for a
computer based system.
2. Describe four types of non-functional requirements that may be placed on a system.
Give examples of each of these types of requirements.
3. Write a set of non-functional requirements for a ticket-issuing system, setting out its
expected reliability and its response time.
4. Suggest who might be stakeholders in a university student records system. Explain
why it is almost inevitable that the requirements of different stakeholders will conflict
in some way.
5. Discuss an example of a type of system where social and political factors might
strongly influence the system requirements. Explain why these factors are important in
your example.