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Universe question sheet

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1. What is the Universe?
Everything that exists including all matter, space, and energy.
2. What is matter?
Everything that has mass and volume.
3. Why do they say the universe is ¨unimaginably large?¨
Because it goes on forever it's infinite and is alway expanding.
4. What are the main components of the universe?
The galaxies, solar systems, billions of stars, planets, and space debris.
5. What is a solar system?
A group of planets and their moons and space debris that orbit or
revolve around a star.
6. True​ or False: Every solar system is part of a galaxy.
7. What is a galaxy made up of? What holds it together?
Galaxies are made up of billions of stars, planets, their moons and
space debris. And it's held together by gravity.
8. What galaxy is our solar system a part of?
The milkyway galaxy it's called a spiral
9. Each galaxy has billions of stars.
10. T
​ rue​ or False: A galaxy is part of other galaxies, or a mega
cluster of galaxies.
11. There are billions of galaxies.
12. How do Astronomers measure the size of the universe?
In light years or astronomical units (AU).
13. What is a light year?
How far (the distance) light can travel in a year.
14.How many miles does light travel in just one light year.
6 trillion miles at the speed of light which is 186 miles per second
15. True​ or False: The universe is constantly expanding.
16.The universe began 9.1 billion years before the creation of Earth.
17. Most astronomers estimate the universe began 13.7 billion years
ago with an event called the big bang.
18.The Big Bang was a super explosion that occurred within one
millisecond and expanded in every direction all at once.
19. Scientists believe the universe was a small mass, smaller than a
20. It exploded and started expanding, growing in every direction
in less than a millisecond.