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An anti-static wrist strap is a key piece of safety gear that helps to prevent the buildup of static electricity
near sensitive electronics or other projects where static charge could damage electronics or cause safety
issues. The wrist strap is often used with an anti-static mat or other type of work space covering. Special,
highly conductive threads on the wrist strap lead to a ground conductor in order to discharge static electricity
An anti-static wrist strap may also be called an electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist strap.
Techopedia explains Anti-Static Wrist Strap
While users often take advantage of an anti-static wrist strap to protect items like circuit boards during
construction, testing or other activities, some of these devices also qualify as personal protective equipment
(PPE), where grounded anti-static devices can help protect wearers in higher voltage situations. Other
common situations for using anti-static tools may be based on specific protocols. For example, when an ESD
wrist strap is used to protect a PC, the ground is often attached to the computer chassis.
Manufacturers will usually provide items like a wrist strap devices in accordance with specific industry
standards. Many of these items have been evaluated by Underwriter Laboratories, a prime tester of electronics
handling equipment. Most products will also be marked according to maximum voltage.
An anti-static floor mat or ground mat is an anti-static device that safeguards an individual or piece
of equipment like a PC from an electrostatic discharge (ESD). Computer components that are
sensitive to static electricity or ESD are motherboards, CPUs, expansion cards and memory devices.
Antistatic mats are used under keyboards or mice and may also be placed on or under other
equipment. They are particularly useful when working on computer components. Once an anti-static
mat is grounded, it is important not to lift the component off the mat because it will be susceptible to
Techopedia explains Anti-Static Mat
An anti-static mat is designed to help lessen the effects of an electrostatic discharge (ESD) on an
individual or static-sensitive component. It also assists in preventing explosions and fires when
working with flammable material found in certain gases and liquids.
An anti-static mat contains a conductive material that accumulates static. Because it collects
electricity, it needs to be grounded or earthed. This is accomplished by plugging it into a grounded
electrical outlet.
Devices that are sensitive to an electrostatic discharge are mostly electrical components. Common
modules on a PC that are electrostatic-sensitive are:
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chips, found in CPUs and graphic cards
Transistor-transistor logic (TTL) chips
Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFET)
Laser diodes (LD)
High precision resistors
Blue-light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
Aside from an anti-static mat, there are other electrostatic devices, including anti-static straps, antistatic bags, anti-static agents and anti-static garments.
A flat-head screwdriver is a screwdriver with a wedge-shaped flat tip, used to tighten or
loosen screws that have a straight, linear notch in their heads.
This is arguably the most common tool on the planet—the ubiquitous flat-head
screwdriver. Every junk drawer has one or two in it. While it comes in many shapes, the
concept is always constant. There will be some sort of handle attached to a steel shaft
that is flattened into a wedge shape at the tip. This flat tip is perfectly sized to fit into a
screw with a straight head slot with a corresponding shape. Different screwdriver sizes are
available to fit screws with different-sized slots in their heads.
A Phillips screwdriver has a head with pointed edges in the shape of a cross, which fit neatly
into the cross slots of a Phillips screw. You can buy a Phillips screwdriver in five different sizes,
ranging from zero to four, with four being the largest. If you like to build things yourself, you'll
probably need a few Phillips screwdrivers in various sizes, and having a cordless electric
Phillips screwdriver in your tool set can really come in handy. Phillips screw heads allow a
tighter fit than a flat head screw, which is why most factories and handymen use them. The
screws tend to be lightweight and relatively small.
The torx tip type ensures a reliable and sturdy connection to the screw with higher torque than standard
screws and screwdrivers, allowing you to tighten or loosen screws securely without risk of
the screwdriver slipping out
Torx screws are typically used in vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, computer systems, hard disk drives and
consumer electronics. The unusual star-shaped head makes them far more secure than regular flat-head or
cross-head screws and allows higher torque transmission so screws and bolts can be tightened more securely