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Opinion Writing &
Trial Memoranda
Feedback Session & Some More Tips
“You had me at
Start Right.
Frame the issue well.
State it as broad as possible so that you don’t leave any issues
But don’t make it so broad as would be difficult to follow.
Be clear and simple.
Steer clear of legalese.
Don’t try to impress my the use of sophisticated language.
An introduction is not required; however, if using one,
make sure it is (i) relevant; (ii) catchy; and (iii) it will
eventually support your case.
“Elementary, my
dear Watson.”
Remember your basics.
Cite the law.
Cite jurisprudence interpreting the law.
Apply the law and jurisprudence to the facts of the
“Keep your friends
close, but your
enemies closer.”
Plus Points…
Address the points that may be raised by the other side
and manage your client’s expectations.
Show right and justice.
Ask for the proper and specific relief.
“If you build
it, he will
Develop your thought well.
Avoid making logical leaps.
Always ask yourself: “Why?” and “How?”
When you’re through, ask: “Why not?”
“What we’ve got
here is a failure to
Language is key.
Am I using the right words?
Am I using the right grammar?
Am I using the right tone?
Am I conveying my ideas clearly?
“Frankly, my
dear, I don’t
give a damn.”
Edit. Edit. Edit.
Cut the unnecessary statements of fact.
Use only the parts of jurisprudence that is specifically
“May the Force
Be With You.”