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Assignment#4 DE-40EE(A) Bussiness Proposal

Technical and Business Writing
DE-40 EE Semester 5
Assignment #4
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Muhammad Atif Nawaz
Submitted To: Mam Sanam Habib
College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CEME)
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
By Introducing the Noise cancellation effect in headphones the company will realize
the following benefits:
• Company and Product Attenuation
The new feature in a product generates attention for your company. When you issue
a press release that gets published, people read about your new product and, at the
same time, learn about or get introduced to your company.
• Increase Revenue
When you launch a new feature of noise cancellation in headphones product
successfully and it sells well, it can cover the development and launch costs -generating a profit for your company for a long time.
• New Business Relationships
By Introducing this new feature in headphones company will be able to generate
new partnerships or business relationships with its customer and with other
• Re-Engage Dissatisfied customers
This feature will regain lost customers and increase customer loyalty.it will also
boost retention toward the company and demonstrate the company listens to
• Customers advantages take value for a reputable company
This feature will also provide advantages to customers which will help to achieve our
goals e.t.c Highly comfortable, excellent sound quality, great design, top-of-the-line
noise cancellation