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Civics- Mr. Garcia, Instructor
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The Bill of Rights-Gone Wrong
Imagine what the United States would be like if there
was no Bill of Rights:
 You must type a one-page summary giving examples of how a lack of a
Bill of Rights would change our great nation. (2 Grades)
 Put together a display board pertaining to a LACK of a Bill of Rights that
includes pictures with captions. You MUST use a standard size poster
board. You will be graded on content and creativity/originality.
 (When applicable) A PowerPoint can be created in lieu of the display
board. PowerPoint MUST have at least 10 slides with pictures and
captions. (Content, 3 Grades/Creativity, 1 Grade)
Remember, this Home Learning/Project assignment is due on____________.
Late papers will be accepted with a severe grade cut, and summary MUST
be three (3) pages in length.
YOUR Bill of Rights (Abbreviated version):
People have freedom of religion, press, speech, petition and
Citizens have the right to bear arms.
III. Soldiers shall not be quartered in people’s homes without their
IV. Citizens have the right to protection from unreasonable searches
and seizures by police.
A person cannot be tried for the same crime twice; a person
doesn’t have to be a witness against himself.
VI. An accused person has the right to a speedy and public trial by an
impartial jury; the right to know the charges against him or her;
and the right to be represented by a defense attorney.
VII. People have the right to a trial by jury in most cases.
VIII. Excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment cannot be
IX. People may have rights that are not stated in the Bill of Rights.
The federal government possesses only the powers granted to it by
the Constitution.