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0-EXCAVATED SCREENPRINT Emily Orzech.17895940

Skill Share: Excavated Screenprint
Emily Orzech
Excavated screenprint, editioned by Dennis O’Neil at Handprint Workshop International
Floating Population I, Translated Cities Series, screenprint and graphite on Arches 88
20 x 30 in
Portable screenprint studio
At VSC, 2018
Digital “draft” which is then turned into multiple halftone stencils
Printing on panel and contact paper stencils
Layering base colors
Textures created by multiple layers of sanding in combination with halftone stencils
Refrigerator: Cachexia, sanded screenprint and graphite on panel, 24”x 36”, 2018
Ink washes with contact
paper stencils
Rubylith stencil
Bath, sanded screenprint on panel,
36” x 24”, 2018