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Dianne Andrea D. Saligumba
Write a minimum of 4 sentences in each item.
1.) Recall some rules you have to follow in school and community. What rules do you find
constricting? Explain why you have to follow the rules.
• The rules of online school etiquette where I find it more difficult is on creating a regular
study space and staying organized at every online meetings though it's really hard for me
but I need to. Having an organized study workplace with stable internet connection,
complete study mediums like books, and an isolated room for more convenient learning.
This will help me to be more focus towards my goals inspite of the current situation
happening in this world and physical learning is being prohibited by the government for
the sake of our safety. Also, it will keep me organized even at home as well as discipline
on doing such tasks and activities.
2.) When do you say something is a moral experience?
• Morality takes place when a situation involves conformity to the rules of right conduct.
When between two parties, a scenario on which a person decide in accordance of his/her
moral consciousness about the matter. Human experiences undergo deep critics,
analyzation, and realizations to form better and suitable decisions in life. Therefore, a
moral experience is somewhat a decision which you consider the wrongness and
rightness of a situation and come up with better solution.
3.) Discuss about student's moral dilemma/s.
• The student's moral dilemma is somewhat dealing with all the school rules and
regulation. Consequently, it can bare an impact on the student's career in the near future
when absorbed negatively. Somehow, the goal is to teach them of good decision making
when it comes on things that will measure there moral standards. This tends us to create
most suitable and ethical decisions.
4.) From the video clip, identify and explain what level of moral dilemma?
• From the short-video clip of Vertical Limit, the level of dilemma is personal. The
decision runs between two important person and he was test of his conscienceness. He
worriedly think whether he would cut the rope to save the girl or rather wait for her to
bind the rope on the rock and all of them would be safe. But then, their weight doesn't
support the rope anymore so one must sacrifice to save each other. Elliot convinced Peter
to slash his for his sister's life as well as his life too.