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Earbuds vf

• Brands such as OnePlus, MI are
launching their premium products on
their own websites and trying to build
their online sales channels rather than
solely depending on E-Commerce
• Hence the “Website Sales” is chosen
as option
Name of Business
Website/Landing Page
Result on Clicking on Ad
Ad Copy
Keyword themes
• The following keywords are chosen to attract those
who are looking for wireless earphones
• We used the keyword planner to shortlist the
themes related to the product.
Setting up the right Geography
• One Plus is seen as a premium
brand with major presence in
metro cities and easier to
deliver the products with
existing supply chains
• So, it is comparatively easier to
target these cities initially
• The budget is mentioned in the
instructions of the assignment
Final Review of the Campaign
Responsive display Ad campaign
Setting up the Campaign Goal
Since, One Plus Z is an established
player, the goal of the campaign is to
increase the sales of the product
Setting up the Display Ads
Setting up the Campaign Location
Creating an Ad group
• Young audience & people who are above average earners and people in metro areas have already been selected
Setting up Responsive Ad
Contact us Call to Action
feature is used to facilitate
the customers to order the
earphones from the