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Present Tense excersice

Present Tense – Simple or progressive
Exercise 1:
They normally _____________________ lunch at two. (have)
Are _____________________ in Paris this week? (you work)
You _____________________ new clothes every Saturday! (buy)
I played football at school but now I _____________________ swimming
5. I _____________________ no idea what the book is about. Can you tell
me what it’s about? (have)
6. John _____________________ a difficult time at the university this year
7. My father _____________________ everything about cars, but nothing
about bicycles. (know)
8. The moon _____________________ round the earth. (go)
9. Do _____________________ those men at the door? – They
_____________________ at us very strangely (you see, look)
We _____________________ that the contents of this letter should
be changed.(feel)
They _____________________ lunch at the moment. – You
shouldn’t disturb them. (have)
The watch _____________________ to my grandmother. (belong)
I _____________________ what you _____________________ me
but I don’t agree with you (hear, tell)
This medicine _____________________ a new substance (contain)
These days we _____________________ tests at school. (always
Why _____________________ my coat? – Oh, I’m sorry. It
_____________________ like mine! (you wear, look)
This cake _____________________ strange. What’s in it? (smell)
Hi Jake. – What _____________________ at the moment? – I
_____________________ the sunshine at the beach. (you do, enjoy)
Where __________________________ from? (new neighbours,
What _____________________ for a living? - He is a government
official but he quit his job a few weeks ago. – And what
_____________________ now? – At the moment he
_____________________ for a new job. (your Dad do, he do, look)
Exercise 2 :
1)Look! The boys ____________________ a tent. (to put up)
2) I ____________________ Andrew tonight. (not/to see)
3) What _______________ Tim and Joe _______________ for
lunch now? (to have)
4) Jeff ____________________ a party next Friday) (to
5) I ____________________ Polish in a school in Krakow. (to
6) He ____________________ at the supermarket in the
holidays. (to work)
7) Listen to Angela! What language _______________ she
_______________? (to speak) 8) Mary ____________________
at her aunt's home. (to stay)
9) Hey! What ____________________ there? (you/to do)
10) She ____________________ Mel now. (not/to phone)
Exercise 3:
1) Tom _______ playing the guitar. a) am
b) are
c) is
2) The farmers _______ milking the cows. a) am
b) are
c) is
3) Carmen _______ not waiting for the school bus.
a) am b) are c) is
4) _______ the children flying their kites? a) Am
b) Are
c) Is
5) They _______ cycling with their friends. a) am
b) are
c) is
6) _______ your mother washing her hair? a) Am
b) Are
c) Is
7) Conny _______ moving to New Zealand next weekend.
a) am b) are c) is
8) Look! The rice _______ cooking. a) am
b) are
c) is
9) My friends and I _______ having tea right now.
a) am b) are c) is
10) _______ dreaming? a) AmI
b) Are I'm
c) IsI'm