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Final Assignment on EEE 301

Final Assignment
Course Title: Electrical Circuit-II
Course code: EEE 301
Full Marks: 40
Submission deadline: 17/12/2020
Part (A)
Q.1 a) Write the possible connections of three phase source and loads.
b) Given that, Vbn = 250 ∠60° V, find Van and Vcn, assuming a positive (abc) sequence.
Q.2 A Y-connected balanced three-phase generator with an impedance of 0.4 + j0.3 Ω per phase
is connected to a Y-connected balanced load with an impedance of 12 + j15 Ω per phase. The line
joining the generator and the load has an impedance of 0.6 + j0.7 Ω per phase. Assuming a negative
sequence (acb) for the source voltages and that Van = 150 ∠25° V, find: (a) the line voltages, (b)
the line currents.
Q.3 a) A balanced abc-sequence Y-connected source with Van = 100∠10° V is connected to a Δconnected balanced load (8 + j4) Ω per phase. Calculate the phase and line currents.
b) A balanced Δ-connected load having an impedance 20 − j15 Ω is connected to a Δ- connected,
positive-sequence generator having Vab = 330∠0°V. Calculate the phase currents of the load and
the line currents.
Q.4 a) A balanced Y-connected load with a phase impedance of 40 + j25 Ω is supplied by a
balanced, positive sequence Δ -connected source with a line voltage of 210 V. Calculate the phase
currents. Use Vab as a reference.
b) One line voltage of a balanced Y-connected source is VAB = 120∠−20° V. If the source is
connected to a Δ -connected load of 20∠40°Ω, find the phase and line currents. Assume the abc
Part (B)
Q.5 a) Find v(t) and i(t) in the circuit shown in following figure.
b) Refer to following figure. Determine v(t) and i(t).
Q.6 a) Determine vo(t) in the circuit of following figure.
b) Find current I in the circuit of following figure.
Q.7 Calculate vo in the circuit of following figure using the superposition theorem.
Q.8 a) Briefly describe fixed capacitor power factor correction method.
b) Find the Thevenin equivalent at terminals a‑b of the circuit in following figure.