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grammar ppt

Identify if the underlined words
are collective or abstract noun
 A committee was appointed to study
the situation.
 Honesty is the best policy.
 Our class took a field trip to the
natural history museum.
Use the correct form of adjectives
given in the brackets to fill the blanks.
 Ram is better than Anu in Maths, But
Eesha is the ____ of all three. (good)
 Of the 30 children in the class, Amjad
is the _____. (Tall)
 Myra’s garden is ____ than mine.
 I find the yellow dress ______ than
the blue one. (pretty)
Fill in the blanks with the
appropriate word
 I am feeling ____as the speech I gave just
____ my confidence.(blew / blue)
 The ____ skin coat was very ____ because
it was valuable.(deer/ dear)
 The _____ was dusted with _____ to make
it look white. (flour, flower)
Use modals to complete the
 _____ you please help my mother up
the stairs?
 ______ the train stop at the next
 ______ I switch off the fans in this
 Do we ______ to wear our uniforms
on picnic day?
Fill in with prepositions and
 The Himalayas look splendid ___ the
 We are worried ___ _____ results of
her examinations.
 My grandparents are extremely
attached ______ my little brother.
 ___ interesting fact about this
building is that it was built ____ last
severe earthquakes.
Fill in the blanks with an
indefinite pronoun.
 Rachna was so popular that ____ wanted to
sit next to her.
 2. _____ left the freezer open, and all the
food in it is spoilt.
 3. On our birthday we are allowed to bring
sweets for _____ in the class.
 4. Rashid was surprised that ____had sent
him an expensive ipad for his birthday
without a card.
Write the conjunctions in the following
sentences and show the clauses the
conjunction joins within brackets.
 The problem was that they didn’t have
the money to go to college.
 Maggie hoped to go to the village because
she wanted to sell some land.
 Sujay wanted to go to Singapore because
he wanted to study law.
 Since they came to India they have been
eating Indian food.
Fill in the blanks with the simple present
form of the verbs given in the brackets
 The heart _____ (circulates) blood in the
 Anjali _____ (teach) Geography in school.
 I do not ____ (like) walking in the train.
 Do you _____ (read) storybooks?
Underline the adverbs in each of the
following sentences and state what the
adverbs modifies.
She still has to complete her work.
The baby wailed loudly.
The thief quietly entered the house.
They are always late