Uploaded by John Phillip Ramos

Disconnection Letter

To whom it may concern,
May I kindly request for the urgent disconnection of my
Globe GO BIG 1299 10mbps plan with the account number of
8 411 49083. I am expressing my disappointment with the service
because of the refusal to upgrade to an unlimited bandwidth plan
because the current plan is not enough for our daily needs. Also,
network service is quite bad lately.
Attached is my signature with my valid ID and my
authorization letter submitted last July 5, 2016. I cannot
personally go to the store because currently I am employed here
at Hong Kong as an OFW. My son, John Phillip Ramos, is the one
handling customer-related matters in the Philippines. I can also be
called through Facebook Messenger if you need additional
confirmation about the disconnection.
If there are any concerns or additional requirements for the
disconnection to be in place, just inform my son and we will be
willing to comply.
Sincerely yours,