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Tô Ngân Hà E21 Báo cáo kiến tập NVBPD

Name: Tô Ngân Hà
Class: QH17.E21
Student’s ID: 17040403
UCIT was an international conference about Translation 4.0: Training, Research &
Practice set for 27 October 2020 at the University of Languages and International
Studies, Hanoi. The conference was attended by more than 700 distinguished guests
from over 10 countries, including senior officials, experienced translators/interpreters,
domestic and foreign businesses and agencies using translation/interpreting. The
conference was to share different perspectives and studies about Translation training,
research and practice, with two main sessions. I was assigned to be the simultaneous
interpreter for the first Parallel Session in the afternoon with the support of a lecturer.
My task was to read two reports and Powerpoint slides about Translation errors and
Machine translation to create a terminology glossary. Besides preparing materials for
interpreting, I also participated in a pre-conference training on how to use Zoom’s tools,
equipment for simultaneous interpreting, and on what to prepare for the event. I
understood that I should prepare very properly as this conference was conducted both
online and onsite, which required a lot more equipment and problem-solving skills.
Regarding knowledge, for the report about Machine translation, I had to search for the
English equivalents of key terms on the Internet. Fortunately, all key terms are found
easily and their equivalents are available on Wikipedia as well as orthodox websites, so
I did not have difficulty in translating the study’s terminology. Additionally, The
research problem is quite familiar to students majoring in Interpreting and Translation
and to people in general, because machine translation is prevalent in the 4.0 era these
days. Therefore, I found it fairly easy to understand the author’s ideas, which helped me
save a lot of time preparing translating materials for this report. About the second report
about Expression errors, there are far more terms compared to the first report. The terms
are almost about translation errors, different definitions about translation errors of
researchers, so I had to do a lot of research about different types of errors and their
English equivalents. Luckily, as I have studied the subject of Translation Theories in
my previous school year, I could find a lot of translation methods and errors in the
Considering the skills, I spent most of my free time sharpening my interpreting skills. I
practiced the “decalage” skills, which the interpreter needs to wait for a complete
message and then interprets. The skills prevented me from “making noise” instead of
“making sense”, minimized incomplete translated sentences, and decreased the
unnecessary long pauses. In addition, I improved my reflex with words by practicing
sight translation. I set time to interpret slides and tried to interpret videos as fast as
possible, while I recorded my performance to listen and self-feedback later on.
Another important thing is professionalism. First of all, before the interpreting
assignment, because the conference's theme was about Translation, I could ensure my
competence to accept this job offer. I was fortunate that my speakers all sent their
materials beforehand, so I had time to read the reports carefully and prepare a glossary.
Also, I went through and translated the event's agenda, speakers' names and positions
so that the interpreting process ran smoothly. Besides, I came to the event 2 hours earlier
to check all technical equipment, make sure my laptop was opened with necessary
documents, and confirm with my speakers about the translation of some terms.
Secondly, during the interpreting assignment, I followed the conference's dress code white collar shirt and black trousers. As I interpreted via Zoom - an online platform,
there was no camera to film or take photos of the discussion, but I always assure that
my camera was off to let the audience focus on the speakers. Additionally, I prepared a
notebook to write down numbers and dates while interpreting so that I would not miss
any important details. Lastly, after interpreting the assignment, I do not spread the
materials to those who did not attend the conference. I also reviewed all materials to
add more terms to my glossary bank for further preferences in the future.
lỗi dịch thuật
đối dịch Hán Việt
translation errors
Chinese - Vietnamese translation
lỗi truyền tải
expression errors
errors caused by the influence of
lỗi tư duy tiếng mẹ đẻ
mother tongue
lỗi dịch mặt chữ
word-for-word translation errors
lỗi về ngữ dụng
pragmatic errors
giới hạn phạm vi của lỗi
limit the scope of translation
chức năng của bản dịch
function of the translation
tính liền mạch của văn bản cohesion of the text
thể loại hình thức và văn
format and style of the text
phong của văn bản
ngôn ngữ truyền thống
traditional language
đặc điểm văn hóa và ngữ
cultural features and context
hệ thống ngôn ngữ
language system
lỗi mang tính nhị nguyên
binary error
二元性错误: Èr yuán
xìng cuòwù
lỗi không mang tính nhị
non-binary error
非二元性错误: Fēi èr
yuán xìng cuòwù
dịch không thoát ý
unclear translated message
dịch chưa đủ ý
incomplete message
diễn đạt ngô nghê, lai căng unnatural expression
lỗi dịch đúng nghĩa
lí thuyết dịch chức năng
literalness errors
functional translation theories
lỗi dịch ngữ dụng
lỗi về văn hóa
pragmatic errors
cultural errors
lỗi về ngôn ngữ
lỗi khi dịch các văn bản
đặc thù
lỗi dịch từ vựng
linguistic errors
specialized translation errors
word translation errors
lỗi dịch ngữ (từ tổ)/ câu/
liên kết đoạn
góc độ tri nhận
lỗi ngôn ngữ, lỗi lĩnh hội
và lỗi truyền tải
diễn giải không chuẩn xác
phrase/ sentence/ paragraph
translation errors
perception perspective
linguistic, receptive and transfer
incorrect renditions
khoảng trống văn hóa
cultural gap
xung đột văn hóa
cultural conflict
hổng kiến thức
lack of knowledge
chức vụ
học vị
lỗi dùng từ
word choice errors
lai căng
khô cứng (diễn đạt)
lỗi sai phong cách văn bản
khẩu ngữ (phong cách
ngôn ngữ sinh hoạt)
văn bản mang phong cách
báo chí hoặc chính luận
dịch ngôn ngữ - dịch ngôn
stylistic errors
học dịch, làm dịch
conversational language
a document of journalistic or
political commentary style
language translation - text
translation/interpreting learning
and working
no equivalence in two
unidentical or
dịch máy/ dịch tự động
dịch vụ dịch thuật
machine translation
translation services
translator/interpreter training
(định hướng) đào tạo BPD
dịch thuật con người
human translation
cơ sở đào tạo ngoại ngữ
language training institutions
Xử lí ngôn ngữ tự nhiên
bộ phận KHTN của Quỹ
ngôn ngữ trung gian
Natural language processing
Natural Science Department of
Rokerfeller Fund
intermediate language
tính khả thi
Viện Hàn lâm Khoa học
Hoa Kì
Ủy ban Cố vấn Xử lý Ngôn
ngữ tự động
công nghệ phần cứng máy
lý thuyết thông tin
information theory
(a major)
dịch máy thống kê
tài liệu song ngữ
statistical machine translation
bilingual materials
nguồn dữ liệu đào tạo
mạng noron hồi quy
training data
Recurrent Neural Network
mã hóa
dịch máy noron
neural machine translation
bộ mã hóa
vecto biểu diễn ý nghĩa
vector representations
lao động trí óc
nhu cầu về dịch thuật
non-manual workers
translation needs
mỏ địa chất, dầu khí
geology, petroleum
nội dung tương đương
equivalent content/meaning
nhu cầu tìm hiểu
comprehension need
(a major)
National Academy of Science
Automatic Language Processing
Advisory Committee
computer hardware technology
công chứng
certify, notarize
trao đổi đàm phán hợp tác trading negotiation and
thương mại
equivalence in
tốc độc xử lí
kho dữ liệu song song
processing speed
bilingual data source
chất lượng bản dịch
translation quality
từ đa nghĩa
tra cứu đa chiều
multilateral research
dịch biên tập
editing translation
dịch sáng tác
creative translation
thuật toán
vần điệu
năng lực sáng tác
composition competence
dịch mở rộng
dịch công chứng
integrated translation
notarized translation
địa phương hóa website
hợp pháp hóa lãnh sự
website localization
consular legalization
hiệu đính
phiên dịch tháp tùng
escort interpreting
thủ tục hành chính
công ty tư vấn đầu tư
administrative formalities
investment consulting company
dịch văn học:
literature translation