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AE2 g2 - 10.Phan Trung Hieu

There are many changes in everybody's life that make life easier every day. The food technology has
also developed a lot and the culinary source is increasingly diverse . Convenience foods are also
thriving and are used every day and by some as a substitute for meals. Fast food is very
convenient but it also adversely affects everyone's health.
Fastfood is very easy and benefits people a lot with morning meals. fastfood is packaged food
which needs only to be reheated in order to be used.It supports those with small children, such
as office employees and parents. When preparing meals, it takes relatively little time. Fast food
in Vietnam is diverse since bread is one of the most common fast foods and is preferred for
breakfast by many individuals. There are also a range of fast foods from many other nations,
such as hamburgers, fried bread, etc. Quick eating, on the other hand, is often detrimental to the
wellbeing of people as they use it every day, becoming a long-term habit in the future. Obesity
and the primary cause of kidney failure are the condition that occurs better when consuming
fast food. Since there are many carbohydrates and fats in fast food that are actually dangerous
to the human body and include a lot of processed salt that traps water in the body, which
induces kidney failure. Fatty liver disease in the body can be caused by the fats in fast foods,
such as fried snacks, fried chicken and chips.
To sum up, for all, fast food is both beneficial and timesaving. If used in an abusive and
indiscriminate fashion, however it can damage our bodies.