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HCMG 630 project Assignment

HCMG 630 project Assignment
It is said that “…the US healthcare system can benefit
from looking at the successes and failures within other
systems.” Source: Wolper, L. (2011). Healthcare
Administration : Managing Organized Delivery Systems.
Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Part 1--Paper
Prepare a report on Argentina addressing the following
a. How is the healthcare system organized?
b. Who provides the health care?
c. Who qualifies for health care?
d, How is healthcare funded?
e, What are current issues facing the country’s
healthcare system? Discuss at least 3.
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Compare/contrast the current healthcare system in the
US with your assigned country in the following areas:
a. Financing/Funding
b. Successes
c. Failures
Based on what you have learned about your country,
write a conclusion on how the US might benefit from
what your country is doing with regard to healthcare
for their citizens.
Part 2-- PowerPoint
Present your findings in a PowerPoint presentation with
a minimum of 10 slides, not including title and
reference slides