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Terrible World at War
July 30, 1914
Two days ago, The First World
War Broke out. ‚ÄčArchduke Franz
Ferdinand and his wife were Killed
2 days ago at ‚ÄčSarajevo. The United
States has declared War on The
Central Powers. Our Allies Great
Britain and France, Russia, Italy,
Romania, and Japan have Joined
to fight in the World. Men ages of
18 and older are required to recruit
in the United States Army. Help us
Stop the Central Powers
We would like every American
citizen to stay safe. And If your
loved one has joined the army.
That they will fight for our country
and our freedom. More news Will
be Given.
WW1 Has ended
Nov 12, 1918
The United States Has Brought
victory to this Bloody war. Many
soldiers have fallen to fight for our
great country and many will be
reminded of the heroism they
fought with. Germany officially
surrendered yesterday at 6 am. To
all Americans this event will
hopefully be the last world war.