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Daniel Placeres - A Childhood Recollection Paper

A childhood Recollection Paper
Daniel placeres
My first time on a roller coaster with loops, was the most fun experience as a
little kid. So let me tell you My story, So it was at Six flags New England
and there was a ride I was dying to go on. I always was scared of roller coasters
with loops. But I knew it was time to conquer that fear. I knew that I waited so
long for a really scary roller coaster ride and not a little baby one. I thought to
myself, will they let me on the ride. Did I reach the required height? I was
doing all this thinking as my dad's car went into the Six Flags entrance. I said to
myself in my mind “Stop worrying about everything and today you will conquer
that fear”. So my confidence grew bigger. As we walked up the M&M’s huge
stairs to go up the main entrance, I told my dad I wanted to ride a
rollercoaster that I'd never been on. He said “ Okay” which rollercoaster would
you like to ride with me?” And I said “ I wanted to ride a roller coaster with
loops and that goes very fast. “ So I thought in my mind “ Oh the Batman
roller coaster”. Yes, that roller coaster will be perfect. So I asked my dad if I
can go on the roller coaster and He said “Yes' ' So as we got closer and closer I
saw all the other roller coasters that I was on. Like all those boring ones and
that on this day forward i will stop the fear of scary looking rides. We arrived
at the Batman Roller coaster entrance. I remember I saw an example seat near
the entrance to show how the seat and protectors will fit me and they did. So
we get in this huge line. It felt like an eternity, just passed by as I made to
the top. My heart was pounding as the Six flags employee said “ You may
know aboard “. I felt as if my mind went blank. I sat on the roller coaster seat,
buckle in the all the safety features, and I did a quick prayer saying “ If i die
today, i want people to know I did go on the scary roller coaster. So then I
stopped praying and went back to real life. And I hear the Six flags employee
say “ Woo hoo Enjoy your ride! “ The roller coaster is starting to go up the rails.
My heart was pounding so loud I think my dad heard it while he was sitting next
to me. We reached the top and I saw the drop, and There it was in the loop!
The roller coaster picked up tremendous speed as we went down the rails .
Theeeee loop is coming i said to myself, And i can remember perfectly when
the loop came it felt amazing. I opened my little eyes as we were literally
upside down when doing the loop. I felt like I was flying. It was so much fun
and then I said to myself that it wasn't so scary after all. And as the ride came to
the stop. I said to myself “ That was awesome !. And that day forward I wasn't
scared anymore.