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Guest Post| 3 Free Ways to extend Your Blog Traffic

Guest Post| 3 Free Ways to extend Your
Blog Traffic
There is no point in writing a blog(s) and adding fresh content to your blog a day, week, or
month if you never get any traffic!
That's why driving traffic to your blog is extremely important.
I would now wish to share with you three popular methods of driving free traffic to your blog
quickly and simply.
1. Guest Post on other related niche blogs
A fabulous thanks to gets much free targeted traffic to your blog is just​ ​guest post​ ​on other
popular blogs.
This essentially means another author posts your blog post on theirs, so therefore you tap into
their traffic.
Normally the author will allow you to link back to your own blog from the guest post blog.
A great thanks to ensuring other bloggers allow you to guest post is clearly to create an honest
relationship with them first before approaching them together with your offer of ​guest posts​.
Above all the simplest thanks to making sure you get tons of traffic to your blog is to in fact
update it regularly with fresh original content and optimize the keywords throughout your blog
If you apply the above strategies you ought to quickly see a rise in your free blog traffic.
2. Leave comments on blogs associated with your niche
Obviously a really simple to drive traffic to your blogger site is just by leaving comments on other
related niche blogs.
This means you'll need to do touch research and find popular blogs in your niche, but we will do
that simply
by search on Google.
Another great tip is to seek out blogs with CommentLuv installed as this may offer you a further
link back to your blog via a "last post" link.
So essentially this suggests that the plugin pulls in your most up-to-date blog post and displays
a link back thereto inside the comment you allow on an individual's blog, giving your last post
more exposure.
3. Article marketing can drive much traffic
Article marketing can often be overlooked by bloggers which may be a big mistake, in any case,
you're writing blog posts, why not take the most points from your blog post and make an
excellent article from it.
Remember most article directories allow you to feature an URL at the top of your article plus
Article Directories also allow you to tie in your social media accounts and sometimes
automatically feed your articles or links to your articles for you.
Of course, this suggests free traffic on autopilot!