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Physical Education: Elementary
Skills Check
Student Instructions:
a. Print off the skills check document at the beginning of each unit.
b. An adult will tell the student what skills need to be done.
Adult Instructions:
Skill evaluation can be done in two ways. Choose which method works
best for you.
1. Take a video of your student performing the specified skills. Upload
the video or send to the teacher for review.
2. Rate your student’s performance of the specified skills.
a. Watch the instruction videos for each skill found in the course.
b. Print off the Grading Rubric for the appropriate Skills Check to
use when evaluating their performance.
c. Watch your student perform each skill.
d. Using the rubric as your guide, rate his/her proficiency level
based on their demonstration of each skill.
e. Complete the appropriate Skills Check Worksheet and upload
or send to teacher.
At this age students are graded more on participation than competency
level. The goal is for students to reach the ‘Proficient’ level on most skills.
Worksheet Instructions:
The supervising adult will place an X on the student’s proficiency level for
each skill.
N = Needs Improvement
Student has difficulty understanding and/or performing the skill.
P- = Limited Proficiency
Student understands the concept of the skill, but struggles to properly execute
how it should be done.
P = Proficient
Student understands and is able to demonstrate the specified skill, but it needs
P+ = Proficient Plus
Student can explain and smoothly demonstrate each part of the skill.
E = Excellent
Student is able to explain and consistently demonstrate the skill with coordination
and ease.