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Common Errors-converted

1. Incorrect: I am going to a picnic.
Correct: I am going on a picnic.
2. Incorrect: I am a bit in a hurry.
Correct: I am in a bit of a hurry.
3. Incorrect: I wish I have the job.
Correct: I wish I had the job.
4. Incorrect: There is not anything wrong in doing this.
Correct: There is nothing wrong in doing this.
5. Incorrect: He is very learned.
Correct: He is very knowledgeable.
6. Incorrect: I think my bike has a problem.
Correct: I think there is a problem with my bike.
7. Incorrect: Are you born in Hyderabad?
Correct: Where you born in Hyderabad?
8. Incorrect: Is that a high pay job?
Correct: Is that a high paying job?
9. Incorrect: Which kind of car is yours?
Correct: What type of car is yours?
10. Incorrect: That will effect your health.
Correct: That will affect your health.
11. Incorrect: Insure that you are coming tomorrow at the right time.
Correct: Ensure that you are coming tomorrow at the right time.
12. Incorrect: He is still smoking, irregardless of his health.
Correct: He is still smoking, regardless of his health.
13. Incorrect: I have been in Hyderabad for the last one and a half year.
Correct: I have been in Hyderabad for the last one and a half years.
14. Incorrect: This food is very delicious.
Correct: This food is delicious. (very tasty = delicious)
Incorrect: She is very lovely.
Correct: She is lovely. (very nice = lovely)
Incorrect: He is very great.
Correct: He is great. (very good = great)
15. Incorrect: We will insist for payments.
Correct: We will insist on payments.
16. Incorrect: She was so much involved in her job.
Correct: She was so involved in her job.
17. Incorrect: I will revert back to you.
Correct: I will get back to you.
18. Incorrect: Can you please repeat it again?
Correct: Can you please repeat it?
19. Incorrect: Why are you tensed up?
Correct: Why are you tensed?
20. Incorrect: We will negotiate for a higher discount.
Correct: We will negotiate on a higher discount.
21. Incorrect: Sorry for the delay in replying you.
Correct: Sorry for the delay in replying to you.
22. Incorrect: I sent that yesterday evening.
Correct: I sent that last evening.
23. Incorrect: I am feeling hungry.
Correct: I am hungry.
24. Incorrect: I am understanding it now.
Correct: I understand it now.
25. Incorrect: The United States are under the threat of terrorism.
Correct: The United States is under the threat of terrorism.
26. Incorrect: The study of geometrical rules are necessary in science.
Correct: The study of geometrical rules is necessary in science.
27. Incorrect: One of my friends are a lawyer.
Correct: One of my friends is a lawyer.
28. Incorrect: Five hundred rupees are enough for a good shirt.
Correct: Five hundred rupees is enough for a good shirt.
29. Incorrect: It is I who am trying so hard.
Correct: It is I who is trying so hard.
30. Incorrect: Many peoples have the habit of chewing nails.
Correct: Many people have the habit of chewing nails.
31. Incorrect: She is the chairman of the committee.
Correct: She is the chairperson of the committee.
32. Incorrect: Neither the students nor the teacher were there.
Correct: Neither the students nor the teacher was there.
33. Incorrect: I always go to office by walk.
Correct: I always go to office on foot.
34. Incorrect: She is suffering with fever.
Correct: She is suffering from fever.
35. Incorrect: Some children's love to read comics.
Correct: Some children love to read comics.
36. Incorrect: She died withcancer.
Correct: She died of cancer.
37. Incorrect: I am on time, am not I?
Correct: I am on time, am I not?
38. Incorrect: My boss is never satisfied by my work.
Correct: My boss is never satisfied with my work.
39. Incorrect: He joined in the army.
Correct: He joined the army.
40. Incorrect: He said that he is in the office.
Correct: He said that he was in the office.
41. Incorrect: He entered the cabin.
Correct: He entered into the cabin.
42. Incorrect: I have finished three fourths of my work.
Correct: I have finished three fourth of my work.
43. Incorrect: He is attending his duty today.
Correct: He is attending to his duty today.
44. Incorrect: I and he did it.
Correct: Myself and he did it.
45. Incorrect: The amount has to be divided between three persons.
Correct: The amount has to be divided among three persons.
46. Incorrect: I prevented him to not do it.
Correct: I prevented him from doing it.
47. Incorrect: Though he is poor, but he is happy.
Correct: Though he is poor, he is happy.
48. Incorrect: He always loved my doing this.
Correct: He always loved me doing this.
49. Incorrect: This book consists 10 chapters.
Correct: This book consists of 10 chapters.
50. Incorrect: This house is very different than that.
Correct: This house is very different from that.
51. Incorrect: I am capable enough to do it.
Correct: I am capable enough of doing it.
52. Incorrect: I consider him as selfish.
Correct: I consider him selfish.
53. Incorrect: Let you and I go together.
Correct: Let you and me go together.
54. Incorrect: He never said a lie.
Correct: He never told a lie.
55. Incorrect: Children always make mischieves.
Correct: Children always make mischief.
56. Incorrect: There were no difficulties during the journey.
Correct: There was no difficulty during the journey.
57. Incorrect: Please answer to our request.
Correct: Please answer our request.
58. Incorrect: I am leaving to Chennai tonight.
Correct: I am leaving for Chennai tonight.
59. Incorrect: We can agree to a point.
Correct: We can agree on a point.
60. Incorrect: He is living in a hotel.
Correct: He is staying in a hotel.
61. Incorrect: Rules must be abided to.
Correct: Rules must be abided by.
62. Incorrect: She is busy cooking.
Correct: She is busy with cooking.
63. Incorrect: Everyone is happy when he sees a flower.
Correct: Everyone is happy when they see a flower.
64. Incorrect: This tea is too hot for drinking.
Correct: This tea is too hot to drink.
65. Incorrect: It is unlikely that he wins every race.
Correct: It is unlikely that he will win every race.
66. Incorrect: He fell from the bike.
Correct: He fell off the bike.
67. Incorrect: Are you having a car?
Correct: Do you have a car?
68. Incorrect: The sun raises in the east.
Correct: The sun rises in the east.
69. Incorrect: He speaks English lastly.
Correct: He speaks English fast.
70. Incorrect: She is not used to get up early in the morning.
Correct: She is not used to getting up early in the morning.