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Environmental+Science+Syllabus+ (2)

Environmental Science
Northridge Middle School
Coach Stacey
Course Prerequisites: None
Phone Number: (205)-759-3578
Course Description:
Environmental Investigations: This course offers students real-world, hands-on experiences in
the areas of Environmental Science, Agriscience, Biology and Social Sciences as well as other
areas that represent the students varying interest in the fields of environmental, agricultural, and
computer sciences. We will investigate alternative energy sources, water conservation, green
houses, robotics, farming, forestry, animal life, coding and much more. Focus is given to inquirybased study, allowing students to develop critical-thinking skills and problem-solving abilities
needed for future studies in multiple fields of science. The course emphasizes hands-on
activities, cooperative learning projects, the use of technological resources and real world
Major Resources for Instruction:
➢ Teach Engeneering.com
➢ aurumscience.com
➢ Research and web based materials
➢ Code.org
Class Material needed daily:
Composition Notebooks (1-per year)
Pencils, and/or pens - blue or black ink only
❖ Scores will come from:
Mastery of standards 90%
Practice to obtain mastery 10%
The grading scale:
A= 90 – 100
B= 80 – 89
C= 70 – 79
D= 60- 69
F- 59 - 0
❖ Grading Policy
First of all, our system is designed to separate “behaviors” from grades. In the past you may have
said you were an “A” student, partially because you did your homework, you raised your hand in
class, and you turn things in on time. While these are all great study habits to practice, these
behaviors don’t tell your teachers what you know and are able to do. Our system is based on your
ability to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of course competencies through
comprehensive summative performance assessments such as research projects, presentations,
labs, writings, and tests. Grades are based on mastery of content standards during a nine week
Homework/ Practice:
Practice is essential for independent growth and progress for each student. The important issue is
that your child is practicing for mastery and able to display their gained knowledge in class.
Practice is not given on a daily basis. It is given at the teacher’s discretion for students to display
mastery of standards.
Resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence.
If you gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year.
- Horace Mann
❖ Absences and Make-Up Work:
When a student is absent, he/she has two days to bring an excuse note to the homeroom teacher.
Without a note, the absence will be recorded as unexcused. After so many unexcused absences, the
district early warning program will be initiated.
It is the student’s responsibility to ask teachers for make-up work. For my class, a student will have
two days to turn in work. I understand that a student is only able to make up so much work at one
time. YOU are responsible for telling me (your teacher) that you need to make up a test or
assignment. You have 2 days after an absence to bring an excuse and make up the work.
❖ Projects:
Students will be required to complete many classroom based projects. Any out-of-class
projects will be assigned to students well in advance. All projects will be assigned with a
rubric to help guide students on the grades that they assign so that students have a clear
understanding of the expectations for that project. Projects follow a process and students will
participate in peer/teacher analysis/critique during the production of various projects. All
projects will have a due date assigned in advance.
Contact Information:
❖ Email: estacey@tusc.k12.al.us
❖ Phone: 205.759.3578
Additional Help/Instructor’s Message:
I am looking forward to working with you and your child in reaching their full potential.
Please note that students are coming to school to learn. Teachers are here to teach. Parents are
concerned with their child’s progress in school. Therefore, let’s work together to make this the
best year at Northridge Middle School.