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Wales is situated in the west of
Britain. The population of Wales is
about three million.
 Wales is famous for its picturesque scenery. There are
many mountains there.
 Snowdon is the second highest mountain in England
and Wales.
 There are three national parks in Wales.
The capital of Wales is Cardiff.
The modern capital of Wales has a Roman castle and
a modern shopping centre. Cardiff is an industrial
city, which also has a cathedral and a university
Wales became a part
of the United
Kingdom in the 16th
century, when the
King, Henry VIII,
decided that England
and Wales should be
A leek is a national emblem
of Wales. It is worn on St
David's Day.
The Red Dragon, which is a
part of the national flag
design, is also a popular
Welsh symbol. According to
the legend, it was the battle
flag of King Arthur and
other ancient Celtic leaders.
The daffodil is
the national
flower of
Wales, and is
worn on St.
David's Day
each 1 March.
St. David is the patron saint of
Wales. On 1 March, St. David's Day,
patriotic Welsh people wear a leek or
a daffodil, both symbols of Wales
Rugby is the
national game of
Wales. The rules
of the game are
quite difficult. A
team consists of
fifteen players.
The game is
played with an
egg-shaped ball.
Every year, an international
festival called Eisteddfod is held in
the town of Llangollen. People
come from all over the world to
recite poetry, sing and dance in
this colourful competition.
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