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Captain Underpants

And the wrath of the wicked wedgie
Table Of Contents
• About the book
• About the author
• Main-Characters
• Setting
• Plot
• Problem
• Cliffhanger
About the book
• Captain Underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie
• Author: Dav Pilkey
• Illustrator: Dav Pilkey
• No. of pages: 173
• Genre: Fiction
Dav Pilkey
• Born: 4 March 1966 (51 years)
• Country: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
• Spouse: Sayuri Pilkey (m.2005)
• Education: Kent University
• Books: Captain Underpants.
The adventure of the super diaper baby
• Mr. Krupp
• He is a principle of Horwitz elementary school
• Captain Underpants ( When he hears a snap)
• He transforms back when he gets splashed by water
Main Characters
• George and Harold
• The two trouble makers that make the school a chaos.
• They write comics with wrong spelling and make their comic
company called tree house commix
Ms Ribble
• The most Cruel teacher in the school
• She will be retiring at the end of the school year
• Transforms to Wedgie woman after the hypnotize
from George and Harold.
• Kind after the hypnotize saying “ You will not be
the best teacher in Horwitz elementary school’s
• Horwitz elementary school
• The place where every characters meet.
• Mr. Krupp is the Principle of this school
• Ms. Ribble is a teacher in this school
• George and Harold learn and create trouble here
• The tree house
• The place where George and Harold live
• Where Wedgie women went in
• There are two trouble makers named George and Harold.
These boys like to make teachers angry and they are in the
detention room most often. When Ms. Ribble will retire, the two
boys used reverse cytology on Mr.Krupp, they let him sign oon
a blank piece of paper. Harold then wrote some messages in
there, it made Ms. Ribble so angry that she got their grades to
F’s. The boys had used a 3D hypno-ring to hypnotize her then.
• Wedgie women had gone destroying the city, so Captain
Underpants went to help and he was stuck on a pole so George
and Harold had tricked the Wedgie women and let all the
people free. What had happened to wedgie women?
• I would rate the book 8 out of 10 because there are fun parts
since the first page but the last part was quite boring.
Thank You!
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