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4.1-4.4 Quiz

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Quiz: 4.1 – 4.4
1. What are the units of a pyramid of energy? [1]
a) kJ m-2 yr-1
c) J m-3 s-1
b) kJ m-1 yr-1
d) J m2 s-1
2. Zoophobas morio is an insect. Its larvae feed on bat feces in caves in Guatemala. What type of
organism is a Zoophobas morio larva? [1]
a) Autotroph
c) Detritivore
b) Consumer
d) Saprotroph
3. What contributes to the enhanced greenhouse effect? [1]
a) Ozone from violent thunderstorms
b) Carbon particles in diesel engine exhaust
c) Methane from agricultural sources
d) Carbon dioxide from active volcanoes around the world
4. The diagram shows the carbon cycle.
Which two processes correspond to the labelled arrows? [1]
a) K is combustion and L is catabolism
c) J is combustion and K is respiration
b) J is anabolism and K is respiration
d) J is anabolism and L is catabolism
5. The diagram below shows a food web:
The energy passing from the detritivores to the predatory invertebrates in this food web is 14 000
kJ m–2 year–1. Approximately how much energy (in kJ m–2 year–1) passes from the predatory
invertebrates to the carnivores? [1]
a) 140
c) 14 000
b) 1400
d) 140 000
6. Which group of organisms in the carbon cycle converts carbon into a form that is available to
primary consumers? [1]
a) Decomposers
c) Detritus feeders
b) Saprotrophs
d) Producers
7. What is a community composed of?
a) Habitats
c) Abiotic factors
b) Populations
d) Biotic and abiotic factors
8. What restricts the length of a food chain? [1]
a) Energy losses between the trophic levels
b) A greater biomass at the higher trophic levels
c) The number of species in the food web
d) The consumption of waste by detritivores
9. How is peat formed? [1]
a) From methanogenic archaeans under anaerobic and acidic conditions in deep sea vents
b) From partially decomposed organic matter under anaerobic and acidic conditions in
waterlogged soils
c) From porous limestone under high pressure, aerobic and alkaline conditions in ocean beds
d) From bituminous coal under high pressure, anaerobic and acidic conditions below ground
10. What is an ecosystem? [1]
a) An environment in which an organism normally lives
b) A group of organisms of the same species inhabiting an area
c) A group of populations living and interacting with each other in an area
d) A community and its abiotic environment