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Enhancing / Developing the Skills in Stoichiometry through Self Learning Kit (SLK) of STEM Students

Enhancing / Developing the Skills in Stoichiometry through Self Learning Kit
(SLK) of STEM Students
A Thesis
Presented to the
Faculty of the Graduate School
Bataan Peninsula State University
City of Balanga, Bataan
In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
Masters Arts in Education
Major in General Science
Emy G. Lazatin
December, 2019
The implementation of K-12 started year 2016 within the Philippines however the
preparation raised concern among teachers. Problem concerning the Government lack of
preparartion to implement K-12 raised protest among teachers. The problem on rooms that
arent’t enough for the students, incompetent teachers, and not enough learning modules
for some subjects. The lack of learning modules or learning materials specially on science
subject is very difficult to the part of the learners and teachers. This drawback remains a
drag four years currently, DepEd however uploaded a number of the learning modules on
their website and ask to print these using the schools maintenance and operating expenses.
But this is not enough to give solution to the shortage of learning materials.
Similarly, the lack of learning materias is also a concern among other country,
outdated and worn – out textbooks usually shared by six or lot of students in many parts
of the world In Tanzania, for instance, only 3.5% of all sixth grade pupils had sole use of
a reading textbook. In Cameroon, there are eleven primary school students for each reading
textbook and thirteen for every mathematics textbook in second grade. Workbooks,
exercise sheets, readers, and other core materials to help students learn their lessons are in
short supply. Teachers also need materials to help prepare their lessons, share with their
students, and guide their lessons Rueckert (2019).
To help the students in their lessons, among the materials that could use by the
teacher is a self learning kit (SLK). This Learning kit is very useful in teaching and learning
process to facilitate the process of information shared by students with regards to the topic
being taught. The learning kit purpose is to help the students understand the topic on
particular subject more easily and in the convenient of their face. The self leraning kit is a
innovative Supplementary Learning Resource (SLR) originally made, produced, modified
or contextualized by a teacher to meet the standards of the K-12 curriculum in providing
the teachers and learners relevant and localized content. Also self learning kit is simplified
and modularized form of learning material which consist of systematic sequenced materials
for learning.
This self Learning kit (SLK) will serve as a tool that can increase the learners
interest in Chemistry on the topic of stoichiometry. The topic Stoichiometry is one of the
topics in General Chemistry 1 and usually taken by grade eleven senior high school under
STEM tracks. The learners encountered difficulties when solving stoichiometric problems.
In order to use stoichiometry to run calculations about chemical reactions, it is important
to first understand the relationship that exist between products and reactants and why they
exist, which require understanding how to balance reaction and the mole concept.
The standard of student – centered learning depends for the most part on the
effectiveness of how teachers select and use the appropriate learning kits ( Mohamad
Jackie et al., 2016).
Teachers need to provide an explanation for each sub topic that is taught more precisely in
terms of concepts and situations so that learners can understand the content more deeply.
Usually teacher use traditional method of teaching which is the chalk and board method
and not using a learning kit and most teachers also use books to deliver the contents of the
lesson but mostly learning material like books has shortage particulary in the subject
chemistry. This cause failures in delivering the content of the lesson, especially in General
Chemistry which cause most of the learners to be easily bored, less effective and consider
the topic to be difficult. Most learners are poor in problem skills analysis, therefore teachers
needs to use appropriate learning kit for the learners to enhance their understanding of a
topic as well as save time and interest of learners.
To help students to enhance their understanding on the topic stoichiometry in
General Chemistry 1 and to value time and effort that cause learner to finish a task or
expand knowledge for a particular learning competency in the most convenient and easy
way without sacrificing the quality of work the researcher urge to conduct the study.
Additionally the researcher urge to conduct this study to embark on SLK making for us to
help in scarcity of books, materials or references in the school.
In this study, the self learning kit (SLK) that will be develop will follow the format
use by the Learning Resources Management and Development Section (LRMDS) Bataan
on SLK . The design kit will follow the curriculum guide of General Chemistry 1 on the
topic Stoiciometry. The researcher will divide the sample into the control and the treatment
groups and use a set of pre and post test question. This study will conduct to examine the
effectiveness of the use of self learning kit to enhance/improve the understanding of
students on the topic of stoichiometry. The respondent of this study are Grade 11students
under STEM track of Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial School taking general chemistry 1
subject for the school year 2019- 2020.
Statement of the Problem
The main problem is the Enhancing / Developing the Skills in Stoichiometry
through Self Learning Kit (SLK) of STEM Students in Chemistry in senior high school
of Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial High School for school year 2019 – 2020. Significantly,
it seek to answer the following questions:
1. How may the level of performance differ between groups using learning kits and
control groups taught using conventional method in the Pre – test and Post – test?
2. Is there any significant difference between the level of understanding of the
treatment group and controlled group before and after the use of self learning kit?
Significance of the Study
The result of this study hopefully give better insight to the following groups
of people for the following reasons:
To school administrators this will serve as their guide on encouraging
teachers with specialization and mastery of the subject area bering taught to develop
a self learning kit (SLK) that will be use as a aid in teaching that would help the
students in better understanding the lesson. This will also an important contributor
to help in providing additional references for the students to address the scarcity of
books in a particular subjects.
To the teachers, the result of this study will help them in teaching and
learning process. The appropriate self learning kit can be use by the teacher to help
the students to enhance understanding on the difficult subject and to make learning
enjoyable. This will also serve as a future tools that can be use by the other
generation of learners. Additionally the self learning kit (SLK) can also be use as a
tool to help SARDO (student at risk of dropping out) students to cope with their
lesson same as absentism students.
Students to get their interest in topics in chemistry this will engage students
and help them understand some difficult topic like stoichiometry. The design of self
learning kit (SLK) is simple and understandable for them to easily learn the
particular topic. The result of this will be beneficial for the students to achieve good
performance in chemistry. Also this will make the students enjoble in learning.
To the future researchers, the findings of the study will make them
knowledgeable of the use of self learning kit (SLK) as a innovative tools to help
students in understanding difficult topics and will encourage them to conduct
another study on the use of the self leraning kit (SLK) in other subject area with
Scope and Delimitation
This research is focused in the study of self learning kit (SLK) as a tool to
enhance the understanding of STEM students on the topic of Soichiometry on the
subject of General Chemistry 1. The respondent of this study are grade 11 senior
high school students of Jose C. Payumo Jr. Memorial High School for the school
year 2019 – 2020. Included in this study is the development of self learning kit
(SLK) following the format and guidelines of Learning Resources Management and
Development Section (LRMDS). Pre – test and Post – test are use to determine the
level of performance of the treatment group and controlled group.
Notes in Chapter I
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