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Malelang, Jan Derick M.
BS in Psychology.
Common Filipino Personality Traits
Like most cultures (eastern or western) here in the Philippines we have common
values that makes us distinct. Most of these traits are admirable while some are not so
much. Regardless, these are values that were developed throughout the years of being
influenced by various cultures (mostly because of colonization) which tells us a lot about
how have become who we are today.
1. Hospitable
- Filipinos have a very warm attitude towards anyone, especially towards
guests. For every Filipino any guest is an honourable one. This over
hospitality leads us to look after them whenever they visit over our home, we
even prioritize their needs more than we usually do so for ourselves. Lavish
feast and the use of shiny “kumbyertos” (that on a normal occasion will just be
on display) will be used to represent luxury even if it’s just for a day. To some,
this trait this is actually admirable, that may be so. But in reality, its not always
a good thing to be overly hospitable. This would make foreigners think that we
are very much accommodating all the time, which would sometimes lead to
instance of exploitation. Being hospitable is good, but it will always depend on
the situation.
2. Respectful
- As children, Filipinos were taught to be respectful towards our elders. We
were taught to use suffixes such as “po” and “opo” whenever we converse
with someone older, also to take their hands and put our foreheads over them
(the “mano” gesture) as a greeting. The use of po and opo could also
represent politeness towards someone that we are not really acquainted with.
This is also a sign of respect which means that for a Filipino anyone deserves
whoever they are to get respected.
3. Family Oriented
- In conjunction to being respectful, Filipinos are also very family oriented. We
value our elders as much as we respect them. We treat every members of our
family with love and respect. Also, Filipinos are very fond of extended family
relationships, we treat the cousins of our mother and father as closely related
uncles and aunties while the siblings of our grandparents are also our
grandparents as well. This custom build bonds that is so strong it will likely be
passed on to future generations.
4. Religious
Filipinos are innately religious. Christianity that was brought to us by the
Spaniards Almost 500 years ago greatly shaped both our history and our
values. As much as any Catholic, Filipinos worship and consider Jesus Christ
as the saviour. Most of the Filipino traits have a correlation with the religious
values present in the Catholic faith. This shows how much Filipinos take their
religion at heart.
- Filipinos are praised internationally for being hard working with the
possession good work ethics. Filipinos will always do their absolute best to
work in order to provide for their families. Even to go out and served labor in
foreign countries, Filipinos will do anything. On 2019 there are approximately
2.2 million OFW working in different countries in most of the 7 continents.
Filipinos will always work themselves to the bone just for an opportunity for a
better life. This trait is admirable and respectable, but isn’t necessarily
efficient. There are better and smarter ways to get ahead in life and we
should focus our “hardwork” on working smarter instead.
Loving and Caring
- Filipinos are very loving people. We care about our family and friends even
the well-being of our fellow Filipinos. There is nothing sweeter than the love
and guidance of a Filipina mother and the support and protection of a Filipino
father. Even in relationships, Filipinos put emphasis on romanticism, acts
such as traditional courtship (ligaw) where a man goes out his way to woe a
woman he desires; the lengths the man may do just to prove his love and to
get that sweet “yes” is somewhat comparable to a proposal. Being naturally
loving also means that Filipinos are often hopeless romantic and are easily
devastated if they were hurt by their love ones.
- History has taught us that Filipinos are one the bravest folk in this planet. Our
people are full of pride and has a fiery passion to fight for what’s right(or what
they think what’s right). While the sense of revolt and freedom may have been
highly respectable back then, modern times this isn’t always as good as it
sounds. Most of us has the tendency to let our heart and emotions do the
thinking (bugso ng damdamin) which might lead us to supporting the wrong
movement or doing very irrational decisions.
Crab Mentality
- Perhaps the least desirable Filipino personality trait, for good reasons. Crab
mentality is a metaphorical phrase depicting that Filipinos are comparable to
Crabs trap in a pot where each one desire to get up and out by pulling down
their brethren that was above them. This kind of toxic mindset is sadly present
in all Filipinos that instead of uplifting people and help them become a better
member of society, they instead will drag them down in order to take their
place or they could just be in the same level of contempt.
Lack of Self Discipline
Most Filipinos often look at rules as optional rather than mandatory. If there’s
no strict law enforcement the typical Filipino citizen will not follow.
10. Cheerfulness
- Perhaps the most the most praised of a Filipino. Being able to genuinely smile
at difficult situations is what we are mostly known for. Having that sunshine
energy that would light up a room. And the capability to always share a smile
with others is what gets a Filipino through the trials they face in their lives.