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Post secondary Scavenger Hunt Nov2020

Post-secondary Scavenger Hunt
Use this assignment to further explore some post-secondary websites.
General Pathways: (19 marks)
(Use the Pathways Infographic in “content” & https://www.ontario.ca/page/list-skilled-trades-ontario )
1. How much time do apprentices learn on the job?
In classroom?
2. What is the typical student debt of an apprentice? (1)
3. How long are typical college programs (in years)? (1)
4. What is the average debt of a university graduate? (1)
5. What is the student to instructor ratio in an apprenticeship? College? University? (3)
6. How many apprenticeship professions are there in Ontario? (1)
7. Find THREE apprenticeship careers that interest you. Why did you choose them?
(give 2 reasons – sentence form) (5)
8. Name THREE apprenticeship careers that are RED SEAL trades. Why is a red seal a such great
benefit? (5)
College: (12 marks)
9. Look at the Ontariocolleges.ca website – https://www.ontariocolleges.ca/en/programs
a. List TWO sectors that are of interest e.g. Arts & Culture, Professions & Trades. (2)
b. List 2 or more types of careers for EACH of the TWO sectors (that’s 4 types of careers in
total) (4)
c. Choose ONE – click on it – In your own words, briefly describe “What can you expect from
a career in _______” Name TWO colleges that offer that program. (4)
10. Can you use your credits (diploma) from college towards a university degree? Explain why or
why not. (2)
Ms. Warren
Careers VS 2020-21
University / OSAP: (35 marks)
11. Go to the Ontario Universities Info website: https://www.ontariouniversitiesinfo.ca/universities
a. Which TWO universities interest you? Why? (in sentences) (4)
b. Choose ONE university – find TWO programs that interest you. Why? (In sentence form).
Are they the same as any of the careers in your discussion forum lists? (5)
12. From your list of possible careers (from the Career research assignment OR your list in the
discussion forum), identify ONE career that you could pursue through a COLLEGE program and
ONE that you can pursue through a UNIVERSITY PROGRAM. Give the name of the institution and
the program. (4)
13. If you went to university or college, would you live AT HOME or in RESIDENCE? Why? (sentence
form) (2)
14. Describe the difference between a Bachelor degree, Master’s degree and a PHD. (3)
15. What steps and how many years does it take to become a: (there’s more than a degree –
include any exams, certifications, on the job training). This question may take more online
searching – but make sure to look at ONTARIO requirements. (6)
a. Lawyer
b. Teacher
16. Go to the OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) website:
a. What can OSAP be used for? (3)
b. OSAP offers funding through: ____________________ and _______________ (2)
c. What is the difference? (part b) (2)
d. What are THREE reasons that students would NOT qualify for OSAP (having to do with
poor financial status) (3)
e. What academic reason prevents you from getting OSAP? (1)
Do some exploring!
Ms. Warren
Careers VS 2020-21