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Rikki Tikki Tavi Reading Guide

Acad. Reading 7- Rosas
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“Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” Reading Guide
Reading Comprehension
1. True or False The plot of the story includes a mongoose who threatens humans.
2. True or False Conflict arises from the fact that mongooses and snakes are natural
3. True or False Nag and Nagaina plan to kill Rikki because he killed their young.
4. True or False The final battle occurs between Nag and Rikki.
5. True or False At the climax of the story, Rikki puts himself in mortal danger by a cobra
into its hole.
6. How are Rikki and Nagaina similar?
7. Even though the story has humans in it, the main characters are really animals. What
human-like characteristics do these animals have?
Darzee Rikki –
Chuchundra –
Nagaina –
8. What does the first sentence suggest to you about the plot?
9. Judging…does Nagaina deserve any sympathy or mercy? Explain your position.
Acad. Reading 7- Rosas
Literary Focus
10. CONFLICT: What is the first conflict that Rikki faces in the story? What kind of conflict
(internal or external) is it?
11. FORESHADOWING: The first time the snakes are mentioned in the text is at the top of
page 18. What effect does this remark by Teddy’s father create? (HINT: How are you
supposed to feel after you read what Teddy’s father says?)
12. CHARACTERIZATION: The conflict with Nag and Nagaina is Rikki’s first experience with
his natural enemies. What do the actions of Rikki and the cobras reveal about these
three characters? (HINT: What can you tell about each character by their actions or
what they do?)
Based on Rikki’s action, I can assume…
Based on Nag’s actions, I can assume…
Based on Nagaina’s actions, I can assume…
13. CONFLICT: How does Rikki’s battle with Karait on page 20 build suspense and advance
the plot (keep the story going)?
Acad. Reading 7- Rosas
14. COMPLICATIONS: On page 21, Chuchundra gives Rikki some information. What does
he indirectly reveal to Rikki? How does this information advance the plot (keep the
story going)?
15. CHARACTER MOTIVATION: Nag and Nagaina reveal several of their reasons for planning
to kill the humans. Give at least 3 reasons.
16. CHARACTER MOTIVATION: If Rikki is the one that Nag and Nagaina want to be rid of,
why do the snakes resist the idea of hunting him?
17. SEQUENCE: What happens directly after Rikki sees Nag poke his head into the
18. CHARACTER MOTIVATION: Why does Nagaina plan to kill Teddy?
Acad. Reading 7- Rosas
19. CONFLICT: On page 24 (middle of the second column), Darzee’s wife screams for Rikki.
“Rikki-Tikki, I led Nagaina toward the house, and she has gone into the veranda, and oh, come quickly – she means killing!” What new plot twist is added to the plot here?
And, how doe this new twist plot affect the pace of the plot?
20. CONFLICT: On page 25, Nagaina has the family held hostage on the veranda, and
everyone seems frozen in time as Rikki and Nagaina talk. What examples of conflict
exist at the moment in time? Describe. (HINT: There are three!)
21. CHARACTER MOTIVATION: Why does Rikki tell Nagaina that he, not the man, killed
22. CHARACTERIZATION: On pages 26 and 27, Rikki follows Nagaina into her hole. What
character traits does Rikki demonstrate he has through this action?
23. CONFLICT: How is the conflict resolved in this story?
Acad. Reading 7- Rosas
Vocabulary Development
Clarifying Word Meaning Through Contrast – Sometimes you can clarify the meaning of
unfamiliar word by looking for contrast clues. A writer who uses contrast will show how a word
is UNLIKE another word.
Directions: Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with words or phrases that state a
contrast with the underlined word.
1. The cobras had immense power, but the power of Darzee and the other garden
creatures was ______________________.
2. Darzee cowered before the cobras, though Rikki ____________________.
3. Rikki was certainly valiant, but Chuchundra, the little muskrat, was _______________.
4. The family felt consoled that Rikki was guarding their house, though they were
____________________ when the cobra threatened Teddy.
5. Darzee sang that the cobras were impotent in death, but they were ________________
only a few hours earlier.
Synonyms and Antonym – Below are five word pairs. The first word in each pair is a vocabulary
word. For each pair, write “S” in the blank if the second word is a synonym of the vocabulary
word, or “A” if the word is an antonym. You may use a dictionary or a thesaurus for this
1. immensely: barely
2. valiant: fearful
3. impotent: strong
4. cowered: crouched
5. consolation: comfort
Acad. Reading 7- Rosas
Context Clues – Answer the following questions, using context clues to show you understand
the meaning of the CAPITALIZED vocabulary word.
Example: When Rikki-Tikki-Tavi bit and PARALYZED Karait, was Karait able to defend himself?
Yes or No
Explanation: ____ paralyzed means “made powerless” so Karait would not have been able to
move and/or defend himself_____________________________________________________
1. When Darzee and his wife COWERED in their nest, were they excited or fearful?
Excited or Fearful
Explanation: _________________________________________________________________
2. Was Rikki-Tikki-Tavi an IMPOTENT creature?
Yes or No
Explanation: _________________________________________________________________
3. If Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is IMMENSELY pleased with the family he lives with, is it likely he will
Yes or No
Explanation: _________________________________________________________________
4. When Darzee sang about “VALIANT Rikki-Tikki-Tavi,” was he singing about a hero or a
Hero or Coward
Explanation: _________________________________________________________________
5. Is the CONSOLATION prize likely to be as nice as the grand prize? Yes or No
Explanation: _________________________________________________________________
Acad. Reading 7- Rosas