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Performance Task

Performance Task
There are major social problems/issues in your community (Situation). Identify
one that needs immediate action. As a member of a research and advocacy
team, you were tasked by the municipal/city mayor to initiate a campaign on the
identified issue (Role) in your community (Audience). Develop a plan of action:
an advocacy campaign program (Product) that embodies a program in organizing
capacity building and upscaling activities in the municipality/city to increase
awareness, raise consciousness and provide recommendations in addressing
such problems, particularly through seminars and advocacy campaigns (i.e.
exhibit, print, and e-media, ). You may employ your plan in any form as long as
you follow the guidelines.
What is an advocacy campaign? (Required
Processes: October 26 - November 1, 2020
You may use the issue that you chose to write in the ChildParent/Guardian: The Discussion on Societal Issues (Essay Activity) in Lesson 3,
for the issue that you wish to address in your advocacy campaign program.
Create documentation of the making of your advocacy campaign plan or
your advocacy campaign program.
Pictures, short videos, narratives
Once you're done with your planning, you may start making your advocacy
campaign program.
You can ask anyone that you think will add to your idea or planning.
You can also collaborate with your classmates from your section to
create one platform where you can exhibit your advocacy campaign.
Take note that even if you collaborate with your classmates, you
still have to submit an individual work on the issue that you wish to address in
your advocacy.
Check this link to help you in developing your advocacy
You may use different resources on your computer or internet for the creation
of your advocacy campaign. (Choose a safe website or software, and do not
use anything that looks shady or cannot be trusted)
You are not allowed to expend money on this Performance Task.
Submission: November 2-8, 2020
You can upload any of those your advocacy to your social media accounts.
You have to create a title for your advocacy program (Be creative)
You have to be professional
You must maintain the privacy security
You must always make some disclaimers for your postings.
Once you're done with the uploading of your activity to the social media
platform that you chose. Copy the link of the post and submit it in the
comment section.
Format of Label
The issue that you addressed in your advocacy program.
Title of the advocacy program
Link of the posting of your advocacy program.
Attach the documentation of the making of your advocacy program planning
(Do not upload a word document, PPT, or pdf as it will be difficult to check
those. Automatically paste the words, pictures, or videos to the document
(Read for additional guidelines and the expected results)
1. https://www.rcampus.com/rubricshowc.cfm?sp=yes&code=TX38BWX&